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It took me a minute to figure out what exactly the game was getting at with Nerissa saying Faith's line. I knew it would be something like Faith and Nerissa being the same character, but I couldn't connect it to the glamours right away. Personally I think Faith was Nerissa in glamour, not the other way around, but this is something I'm sure will be addressed next season.

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- I killed Georgie. I'm sure that's part of the story for everybody, but I chose to end his suffering

- I brought Crooked Man back alive. I was mainly interested in hearing what he had to say. It also seemed like the right thing to do.

- I threw the Crooked Man down the Witching Well. I think imprisoning him would've been too risky, especially with Aunty Greenleaf taking his side. He deserved it too, even it was the result of Nerissa's lying.

- I accepted TJ's gift, and you're a horrible person if you didn't.

- I ran after Nerissa

I enjoyed every minute of this episode. It was really refreshing after the disappointment that was episode 4. Other than that episode, this was a great game. I can't wait for season 2, which must happen.

I think it'd be more realistic to say that Nerissa was glamoured as Faith. Why would Faith fake her own death, then go through the trouble of bringing it to Bigby's attention?

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Anybody with a basic understanding of math already knew everything you just said. Of course the metric system is better than the imperial system; there's no denying that. But we're so ingrained in the imperial system that changing to a metric system isn't simple at all. Think about it; does it make more sense to sell buy a gallon of milk, or a 128 fl oz of milk?

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I was pretty disappointed with this episode. I sat down to talk to Crooked Man and friends, then the episode just suddenly ended. I feel like the episode left more questions than it answered, which doesn't seem right for the second-to-last episode. Maybe if I would've lit the cigarette...

I have to admit though, the fight scene between Bigby/Woodsman and Jersey Devil was very satisfying. Probably one of my favorite moments in the series.

-Didn't send Colin or Toad to the farm

-Tried to remove Nerissa's ribbon, unsuccessfully

-Went to "The Cut Above" first. I thought this would be a mistake after hearing how much the Lucky Pawn Shop had, but I got the mirror piece so all was fine.

-Sat down to talk, like a gentleman

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This has been really bothering me for the last couple of days, and I'm wondering if anyone could help. I'm looking for an old computer game. It ran on one of the Apple computers, but I can't remember which one exactly.

I remember playing it around the year 2002. It was a game where you walked around on a stage and planted bombs to blow up blocks and bad guys that were walking around. Sometimes you'd blow up a block and a powerup would come out of it, such as one that killed all the bad guys on the stage and ended the round immediately. It was in color. I don't know if this is specific enough, but I was wondering if any of you could help with this.

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I made all of the same choices you did, Alex, except that I stopped by Dee and Dum's office between Crane's apartment and the Trip Trap. Nothing significant happened though, as Bluebeard made off with the one valuable piece of evidence he'd come for. Bigby did meet Flycatcher, but apparently I was one of only 3% of people that didn't offer him a job when presented with the opportunity. I know, I'm a dick.

It seems highly unlikely that either Bloody Mary or The Crooked Man are the killer. The killer murdered a prostitute in glamour that made her look like Snow, which shows that the killer is after Snow. So if either Bloody Mary or The Crooked Man were the killer, wouldn't they attempt to capture Snow along with Crane?

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Clearly this is all bigger than just Crane. Though I don't understand why Bloody Mary wanted to get him so badly. I mean from her perspective, it would be much easier to frame him for everything.


  • I didn't interrupt Snow. Clearly would be a dick move
  • I went to Crane's first. Running into Jack was a bit of a surprise. Made the deal with him
  • Fuck Flycatcher. Apparently I'm one of about 3% of the people that didn't offer him a job.
  • I left Greenleaf's tree alone. I imagine burning it would devastate the lives of her and anyone else that gets glamours from her.
  • I spared Tweedle Dum. There wasn't anything to be had from killing him.

So far I've played this game conservatively aggressively, if that makes any sense. Resort to force only when it seems absolutely vital.

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@charlie_victor_bravo: Personally I enjoyed the cutscenes. But, as I said, you can always just skip them if you don't like them. Kojima isn't forcing you to watch them.

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That's actually a pretty cool idea. Nerdy for sure, but cool.