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It looks beautiful, but that's about it for the good stuff. It's extremely frustrating just to go through and download anything, even the free stuff. You have to go through at least 3 menus to purchase something, even the free stuff.

I also hate how it doesn't load as quickly. Before, the Playstation Store would load in about 5 seconds, and you could exit the store just as quickly. Now, it takes about 20-30 seconds to load the store, and just as long to exit it.

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I eventually want to learn how to build a PC. That rig looks pretty sick, if not expensive.

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It has more CPU power than the current generation of systems, as well as 1080p HD, so who knows? Maybe Nintendo has their heads screwed on right this time.

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I'm so glad that I have NFL Network this year. Thursday Night Football!!

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I have an 2nd generation iPod Touch. Obviously, I can't get the iOS update. From what I've heard so far though, iOS 6 isn't as great as everyone thought it'd be.

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I'm not an expert with exercise, but I can tell you that eating right is half the battle. If you're trying to lose weight, your best bet is to go on a low-carb diet. Seriously. Your body converts carbohydrates to sugar. Sugar raises your blood sugar significantly, which forces your body to release insulin to lower your blood sugar. Insulin lowers blood sugar, but it also stores fat. You don't want that. I recommend consuming no more than 100 carbohydrates a day. When you do eat, make sure your carboyhydates come from healthier foods, like bread, fruits and vegetables. No soda or Twinkies, which leads me to my next point...

Cut out as much processed food as possible. Processed food is generally the same as junk food. It's filled with ingredients that are bad for your body, and usually bad for weight loss. Try to get most of your food from natural, healthy sources.

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Sure, I would. I'm not too private about my life, plus I have good grades, so I wouldn't mind others seeing my grades.

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I'm probably going this year. I've never been to a high school dance, but I've been talking to this girl a lot, and I'm planning to go with her. Hoping that it turns out well.

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@BoG said:


When I began my junior year of high school, I had never gone to a school dance. I really, really wanted to go to one, if only to get attention from a girl. I didn't expect to go to homecoming, but a strange opportunity presented itself. On the first day of class, I discovered that I shared a class with a friend. We shared this class with one of his friends, a girl. For the first week of class, the three of us walked together. After that week, my friend changed his class schedule. After that, I just walked with this girl. It was so cool for me, I think it was the first time in my life that I regularly spoke to the same non-relative female. We chatted every day on the way to class. As homecoming approached, she began to talk about homecoming. She was a senior, and wanted to go to the dance her senior year, but didn't have a date. This frustrated her, because she had been every year, and all of her friends had dates.

She brought this up every day. I thought it about asking her. Maybe she was sending signals? I didn't know how girls worked. So I did nothing, until about two weeks before the dance. She brought it up again, and so I decided to casually ask. "Would you like to go with me?" She looked at me, and started laughing. She said something, but I didn't understand. She finally settled down, and said something else, but by that point I wasn't listening. "Well, if you change your mind, the offer is still there." Suddenly, she looked shocked. "Oh, you were serious?" And then she began to give me a list of excuses for why she couldn't go to the dance. I don't remember them.

I thought this was a good story, until this part. That was just depressing.

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"Hard like my dick drive."

Nah, I just use the factory name.