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If your looking for a player that has decent sound for a decent price, this Numark player is a good start. My local record shop uses this model as a "listen before you buy" player. Has a tiny built in speaker, more for reference, and has a normal 3.5mm headphone jack. If you want to expand from there, stick with Numark, they make good turntables. As for a pre amp, any old stereo receiver will work as long as it has a "phono" input on the back, as that is the pre amp input or you can pick up an inexpensive pre amp on amazon.

Hope this helps.

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I just realized that there is no more review picture with the star rating e.g. cartoon versions of Ryan, Brad, Jeff, etc. Is that just something they stopped doing or am I not looking the right place?

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I renewed my premium membership during the BLLSL3 this past September and I am unable to access subscriber videos and the "Become a premium member" link is still at the top of the page. I emailed support@whiskeymedia.com two weeks ago with a response but no action.

Thank you Top Men

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A new European animated film titled "Deep" has taken up the Valve source engine to animate their post-apocolyptic World War III film. The film is bugeted at 15 million euros and the full story is here

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that's incredible, I can't wait for episode 2

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wonderful blog post. thank you for posting.

what type of camcorder are you using, it has great audio quality for it's size?

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woo! and I share a birthday! happy early birthday

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@patrickklepek: MLB.tv has been taken off the "coming soon" tab but still isn't anywhere. No news if it'll actually be there ever

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i love that the ad before the video is for Skyrim

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and Xbox360 inside of an Xbox 360... (mind explodes)

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