Critical Analysis

As a long time fan of the site who has never posted anything, I thought it was about time I give something back. This is the introduction for 'a critical analysis of fun', a blog in which I share my thoughts on some of the games that I have been playing.

These thoughts do not amount to a review. The idea here is not to pass overall judgements on the worth of a game, but rather to dissect the pieces of a certain game and look at each in turn for what it is. We're here to celebrate what's new and interesting, opine what is dated or irrelevant and more than anything challenge the general assumptions of game design in the interest of getting to the point: what is fun? and how can we make things more fun?

As a PhD student in science I have plenty of time in my day to put off research and ponder these esoteric questions and I'm interested in your opinions on the matter too, so feel free to post in the comments with your own perspectives.

So without further ado, lets begin.

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