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Bought a white ps4 with destiny today!

PSN ID: SteveMcQueen89

Australian east coast time

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I've never played Civ V, or any civ game, so I'd love the chance! : )

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Physics is awesome! Maybe not the wisest choice in terms of finding work after university, but still incredibly fascinating to study. Doing second year of a PhD in theoretical particle physics now and went through the whole 3 year undergrad and 2 year masters course in Australia.

Personally I'd rather study economics or law before switching to engineering or something, but I know plenty of other students who are engaged in grad projects that are much more applied and practical in terms of pathways into the engineering industry.

You definitely need to have good relationship with maths to make it far though, the more math subjects you take on the side, the better your understanding of physics will be.

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@xMEGADETHxSLY: It clearly says MGSV, but the metal gear series doesn't use roman numerals! You can't just switch now.

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@Ghostiet: Yes! It could be about a prophecy that a serf would overthrow the Russian empire, where you play as a serf and have to defeat a series of increasingly difficult landowners.

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I'd just like to see a revamped HUD. I like that you can disable the huge ostentatious hud in DS except that playing without being able to see your stamina/health is really hard (I mean even harder than usual). A dead space like approach to displaying information would be impressive, but I just want playing the game to feel like watching the trailer, all gorgeous landscape and architecture.