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I know we're all down on Fandango, but I'm happy that he is slowly turning back into the old Johnny Curtis that I loved so much. He just needs to start talking about how everything is weird and I'll be happy.

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Enzo Amore got a new theme.

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What the fuck. He was just there.

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Okay guys I need some help. I've been out of the Joshi scene for a couple of years now, so other than Meiko Satonaka and a handful of other GAEA Japan wrestlers I'm kinda lost when it comes to what is out there these days. Does anyone know who is big at the moment? Is Shimmer still going? Where is the best place to see small japanese girls kicking the living shit out of each other, but not in an MMA way?

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the great muta will be wrestling in tna at lockdown?

i love the great muta, but, especially after seeing him at wrestle kingdom, i don't know why they would think this is a good idea. it's in a tag so, whatever i guess.

Kenji Mutoh has had an aggressive policy of bringing in people to wrestle at Wrestle-1. A.J. Styles came in and defended the TNA title last November so it makes sense that they would continue to cross promote.

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@melvargh: Just Elimination Chamber would be good enough as far as the story goes, they have enough video packages recapping the time between the Rumble and now that you can kinda get the gist of the whole thing. If NXT is what you want the best thing you can do is just ask.

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@mpgeist: I'll also throw out Wrestlemania 19. It has HBK vs Y2J, "Hollywood" Rock vs Austin, Hulk Hogan vs Vince Mcmahon in a street fight that is way better than that sounds, and most famously the match where Brock Lesner lands on his head.

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When was the NXT Women's tournament? I just realised that the Paige vs Emma storyline has been building since then, hell they were able to fold Bayley vs the BFFs into that thing.

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If I were the WWE my biggest fear now would be what if the crowd turns sour at Wrestlemania, and I feel like the only three matches you can do are;

  • Daniel Bryan vs Batista for the WWE WHC
  • Daniel Bryan vs The Undertaker
  • Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels

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Man I'm glad that Brock Lesner gets paid all that money to do shit he did twelve years ago, next month will John Cena be able to lift Mark Henry?

Oh well, that first match was great.