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I haven't pre-ordered a game in about three years now. The only game I couldn't buy on the day of release was Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, and even then I was able to grab a copy three days later on Monday.

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Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom.

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MAN, that episode of Lucha Underground was great. I love the way that they've found a way to have the promotion exist in wrestling land, it's like this is taking place in an alternative dimension where the laws of wrestling apply to the greater world. So they can have a character who was buried by an earthquake, and became one with death, so of course he became a wrestler, and of course his stone carrying lady friend marks people for death by licking them.

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So I guess NXT Season 3 veteran and one half of the greatest pairing in the history of our sport, Maxine, showed up in Lucha Underground.

I don't intend for this to come off kinda creepy, but god damn I miss the Johnny Curtis & Maxine pairing.

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Hmm, Rusev vs Cena at Wrestlemania is being rumored. I actually kind of like that. It ties up the 2 most boring guys on TV so I can skip the whole thing. Book it.

I hope Rusev wins and then Cena becomes The Doctor of Commienomics.

I never got my Ace Crusher vs Diamond Cutter vs RKO Wrestlemania match. Hmmm.

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The way that Dan adds a vocal exclamation point to violence is going to slowly make me insane.

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I am now called Colossal Hawk.

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@mooseymcman: He is guy number 2 in the cast credits.

The video starts at Voice and Motion Performers.

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As someone who has a love for mythology Finn Balor is a great name.

The most famous Finn from irish mythology is Fionn mac Cumhaill, or Finn McCool, who was a benevolent warrior giant who created the giant's causeway. Balor is the name of an ancient one-eyed giant king who had an eye that would create death and destruction whenever it was opened.

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NXT more than any other wrestling thing out there makes me recapture the feeling that I used to get from wrestling back when I first started watching it during the Ruthless Aggression era, just pure joy.