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NXT more than any other wrestling thing out there makes me recapture the feeling that I used to get from wrestling back when I first started watching it during the Ruthless Aggression era, just pure joy.

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After watching that NXT on Raw match my immediate question is could they do the same with a NXT Women's match? I mean I'd love to see Bayley and THE BOSS Sasha Banks go at it on Raw, but I sure as hell don't trust someone to not fuck it up.

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I've been trying to put into words how I'm feeling right now but I can't. The closest I've come is that all I know is that my favourite games writer, Jenn Frank, has decided to quit writing about games, and it's only a matter of time before someone takes a look at the work that Cara Ellison has done and decides that is a reason to try and drive her off too.

I don't want to be connected to this industry/fandom any more.

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Occasionally UPF seems like a chore they're indebted to do rather than a party. Party content is the best. Mario Party Party, Papa Vinny's Pizza Party, Unarchived Retrogames Party, Thanksgiving Break Parties, Christmas Break Parties.

I wish I could find it again but I remember that stream called GAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEESSSSS or something was great. I think it was Christmas '09 or maybe '10. That stream is the life I want to live.

Was that the one with Matthew Rorie shoeless whilst the Star Trek: Enterprise opening played in the background over distorted, monstrous talking?

Nah, it's the one where they played Sewer Shark for way too long. ... I think. I feel like they've played Sewer Shark and Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball like sixty fucking times.

Here's an old thread referencing that it got lost in the justin.tv move over but that it might still exist somewhere.

If its the stream that starts with a bunch of MK, and also has some of that Marky Mark Make My Video game along with Sewer Shark, then that is definitely on Youtube.

I think you just described every time they have played the Mega Drive/Genesis on a stream.

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I'll hand this to Brock Lesner, he did effectively recreate the way I used to play the Smackdown games back when he was in them, only my way involved way more sidewalk slams. That is everything positive I have to say about that match.

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Not sure about this "altercation" business but peace out, Del Rio. You were way better than anyone ever gave you credit for. Get this dude on a flight to Japan immediately and let him start kicking the piss out of people.

I'd watch Del Rio and Katsuyori Shibata beat each other up for fifteen minutes.

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I'm still curious why this game caught the gaming presses attention when there are a billion just like it. This article, although interesting and well written, didn't give me any answers.

I've been messing around with it for a couple of days now and I think the reason why is that there are things about the game that feel like they could have a deeper meaning. Things like

  • There seem to be more black celebrities on the D and C list levels than A and B, and at the same time there are very few White D and C list celebrities but more A and B.
  • The fact that the higher celebrities won't befriend you until you get to their level.
  • It doesn't care if you want to flirt with a man or woman.
  • Your manager is an old white guy that doesn't understand his daughter's sex talk, and he is supposed to be the guy selling your celebrity to teens that same age as her.

It is really easy to look at this and wonder if the developers intended for that stuff to have multiple meanings, or if it is a bunch of people who did it by accident.

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Timothy Spall being perhaps, definitely, 100-fucking-percent most famous for his role of Barry in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

Glad to know that I'm not the only person who thinks of Barry from Auf Wiedersehen Pet when it comes to Timothy Spall.

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I know we're all down on Fandango, but I'm happy that he is slowly turning back into the old Johnny Curtis that I loved so much. He just needs to start talking about how everything is weird and I'll be happy.