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DOA: Dead Or Alive 5 isn't my first Dead Or Alive game. It is, however, the first DOA game that I've really taken seriously. You see when it comes to DOA I normally laugh at the Aerosmith song, get creeped out by the creepy boobs, and then call it quits. In fact I started out going into DOA 5 expecting the same thing to happen again. Instead what happened is I found the most enjoyable 3D fighting game I've played since Tekken 3.DOA 5 uses the same Strikes, Throws, Holds system that it has done f...

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Mortal Kombat back to form 2

Story The story in MK vs DC is straight from a B-movie. The basic plot is the DC and MK worlds are colliding thanks to a mess up by Superman and Raiden. This ends up with a lot of fighting in an experience that should take between 6-9 hours. The acting is fine and the parallels between the two sides are well thought out e.g. Quan Chi and Lex Luther as the guys who you shouldn’t trust .  What? I can fight? I would like to point out the joker’s brilliant impression of William Shatner in the dc sto...

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