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I understand the logic, but for the record, it is absolutely criminal that SC2 isn't getting the GOTY nod. In 10 years time when I'm still playing SC2, I'll look back at 2010 with incredulity that SC2 never got the recognition it deserved.

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As long as you can tear out a man's spine..

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Only the US client is out, Brad. You just made me race to battle.net, only to break my heart.

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I use FireFox, NoScript and AdBlock. In AdBlock I have to create an exception rule for GiantBomb.com/media/ads and another one for googleadservices. Then, in NoScript, I have to allow scripts from Facebook.com. Only then do videos work. 
It obviously doesn't hurt me to have those exceptions but it is awkward to sift through looking for such specific permissions

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It's not white with just a stylish logo, and that greatly disappoints me. Putting a render of the main character on the front is just terrible box art design.

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It's on Amazon.co.uk right now for £32 with free delivery, which is also a pretty sweet deal (42% off RRP) and from a trusted retailer. Of course, that lacks the immediacy of nipping down to Sainsbury's.

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I'd love a code, becauCKWET RIOT ROCKET RIOT?

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any news on the fact that achievements do not update ever?

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I don't know, maybe a front and back like this

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To the comments above mine: It's not a good thing that the PS3 will never get Netflix. It might not effect you, but championing this as some sort of triumph makes you look pretty fucking stupid.