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MGS2 is great and it is the first I played, but the worst just because the actual objectives/levels are pretty bad and basically designed around backtracking. Great core gameplay and its partnership with MGS1 is brilliant.

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Isn't No Man's Sky trying to model an ecosystem? Not sure how complex or far it is trying to go though.

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Jim is so great. Whether he was professing his undying love for Jonathan Holmes on the (sadly gone) Podtoid podcast, or standing up for us gamers/consumers on The Jimquisition. My dream would be for him to come to Giant Bomb, but until that day comes I think he will be fine on his own.

Yeah, the Dismal Jesters was so good too...that technically lasted like 2 years but it felt so short. Both that era and the Anthony Burch era of Podtoid were pretty magical. At least he's still on that FistShark thing. I'm glad he has a good career going for himself.

The Escapist fucked up greatly in the wake of what went on in the summer. Not surprised he'd want to disassociate himself from it.

What exactly happened there?

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Eh honestly I stopped liking most of that food by like...18. It just became stale to me. I still eat some fast food sometimes cause its basically my only option, but never the stuff that just tastes bad imo.

Also if it wasn't bad for you, it wouldn't be unhealthy. In the end you have to learn to actually kill the craving.

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12 Angry Men is very badass.

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Man I'd love to hear the guys talk about this one and have a Quick Look.

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Smash Bros. gonna have Peter Pan.

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I love this game, but I don't really play online. I will say going back to old ass football games is painful after playing the hell out of a few of the modern games. I just cannot play SWOS for the life of me and even the Neo Geo games are rough.

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Damn, I wish these were all on flickr! @drewbert should have an account there for all his travel photos across China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.

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It is one of the best games of its generation. I'm glad.