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I guess it is nice to get Minecraft off of Java finally.

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Interesting, I guess it starts for real on the 14th. I don't even know what you're looking at that's showing the MeEal.Fear thing.

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It's strange because there's a lot of weird things where you can back off from doing things in a quest and it turns out differently. Also recently there was a super minor side quest I did about finding and retrieving a horse. When I found where it was I left it there and it said "Quest Failed" as it does in red when you fail a quest. But then as that happened, I ran over to the horse I thought needed, jumped on and rode back to the guy who lost his horse and the quest "reactivated" and updated and then we talked and I got the minor reward. It was really cool.

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@artisanbreads: Just mash R1 or whatever the crossbow button is for you to kill them in 1 hit when they dog your boat.

Also, Triss and Letho may have the best voices in the game. Triss' voice is just so absolutely pleasant and Letho's is just straight up so cool. Combined with the way he's written; the manner of which he strings together phrases and sentences is just so satisfying.

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Dang, that's super cool. Even if it isn't the most useful machine in the world, still amazing to see or have in that person's case.

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I should probably get a PSTV over the Destiny $80 thing, no? ugh.

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9 weeks left until MGS5 comes out.

Even at 2 episodes a week, there should easily be 9 weeks worth of cutscenes in MGS4. The time is now.

Yeah I hope it starts this week.

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@larrydavis said:

@humanity: word. MGS2 doesn't hold up very well, but it was mindblowing at the time. Graphics aside, MGS4 was never good. Never.

The FF7 of that generation, if you think about it -- lots of wowee zowee cutscenes and nothing else worthwhile. Even the "improvements" in control just nullified any stealth elements because the AI did not receive an equivalent upgrade.

MGSV/GZ at least has less brain dead enemies to even the playing field a bit. My concerns with that game are more with the way the story seems to be going.

That said, I really really really want to see Drew experience the goddamn nightmare of 4.

I'd say MGS4 was really cool on the first playthrough, maybe until Act 5 when things needed to wrap together so rapidly that it becomes a shit show of cutscenes and constant bosses. Though on subsequent playthroughs it shows its flaws throughout (especially the bosses, among others things... are really uneven) - though the gameplay variety is pretty fantastic - but will easily be surpasses by 5 anyway. But I suppose MGS4 will always have octocamo all to itself, which is too bad because goddamn it was cool.

I'll bet it starts next week or so because the release schedule for the rest of the summer is a bit.....eh.

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Reminds me of the awful issues I had with Arkham Origins. I'm probably gonna get this on PS4 anyway.

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Actually they are doing a lot of these things. There aren't ultras, there a very few hard knockdowns at all, no difficult motions like 360s, etc. That being said I hope they take a note from games like Skullgirls that have tons of smart little features for casual and tournament players alike. As well, something like Dota 2 that has a lot of smart streaming/casting/hosting/spectating stuff in it too. Lastly, a good single player mode that is reminiscent of the stuff NRS does lately. Also please have good voice acting.

Also FADC really isn't get out of jail free anymore. Most characters can punish that stuff now it seems.