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@shindig: How is Sigint a retcon? I just think Sigint's disposition and technicality reminds me of Flight Club Drew.

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@quarters said:

In regards to Metal Gear Scanlon, MGS3 will probably take a bit. It's a pretty long game, and it has a lot of systems. It can also be kind of tough, at least if you aren't great with the base mechanics(though Drew is steadily improving). However, I think Drew will really like MGS3 and the atmosphere/story, so I bet he pushes pretty hard with it. On the flip side, I don't think MGS4 will be a big deal. It's way more cutscene focused, it's really entertaining, not nearly as difficult, and it's the best playing of the games up to that point. Much more in line with Western shooters. I think Drew will shoot through that with ease. As a side note, I think MGS4 is my most anticipated play through. It's still my favorite of the series thus far, and I'm curious to see how Drew reacts to the big conclusion of the Solid Snake arc.

I know it may not be the best thing to watch, but I'd love for Drew to sit on the Sigint codecs in MGS3, they're pretty neat and technical, and overall Sigint's perspective on everything besides the weapons & items is cool too.

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I'd say Super and Ultra deserve their own pages, as they change the mechanics of the game. Super giving every character another ultra and Ultra adding the Red Focus system into the game.

Super Street FIghter II and Super Turbo all have their own page and it isn't a problem. Although Arcade and Arcade ver. 2012 belong in Super's as Omega Mode belongs in Ultra's.

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I hate all royalty free music for some reason, I really don't know why, just...something seems so not-artistic about it. Like, who crafts a song thinking "what utility could this serve?"

I do not see how that isn't an interesting challenge for an artist. It's no different than producing or writing Christmas music. The ambition to make the most sublime and versatile music for grocery stores and shopping outlets may seem dull in the world of grand symphonies, hardcore hip hop, and edgy rock music; but ultimately it is an ambition no less.

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I thought St. Vincent's Strange Mercy album was fantastic, but nothing else of hers has really grabbed me yet she is still a nice artist.

Also threads like this show off how much I need to catch up on, this was actually a great year for music.

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PC is good, but I find myself much less motivated to play games on them than my PS4 or 360 or Wii U.

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This one's pretty special.

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Man Shovel Knight was such a wonderfully crafted, constantly fun and interesting, always satisfying game. I hope it is high on the list.

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Impossible is nothing.

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Look at this porn! Ahhhh!!

Anyway I'm buying this instantly, basically.