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Speedrunning is the best thing. It reminds me of the wonder of games and the joy of engaging with and examining everything about them.

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"Smashers" is such an awful term.

As well, I like Kim K, I think she's a sweetheart and I respect her career but a part of a me hurts when games like that get hyper successful. At least she gives like 1mil or w/e to charity each year.

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I would debate your use of "empathize" (instead of sympathize) in the colorblind section. Empathize implies you share the feelings in some way. If you've experienced vision issues while trying to play a game, that might work; but your piece doesn't imply that.

Granted, there are too many who have started using empathize in place of sympathize because people started equating sympathy with pity (which is also annoying). I hate this because I feel it cheapens all words involved.

Oh well--shouting out loud when no one cares, and so forth.

Yeah, while both work sympathize is more appropriate.

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Greg's is pretty good. I'd put RDR instead of BioShock then my list would be close to that.

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@bisonhero: Man that Nintendoland minigame was so fucking bad.

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It's an enjoyable game for sure, with some cool ideas, but overall it's too lifeless and shallow to do much of anything. Hopefully Watch Dogs 2 wipes the slate clean in all the right ways and makes a lot of adjustments in terms of narrative, as well as just like.....do something with the gameplay.

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It sucks bad about the Marvel license, I wish the game could have gotten one more good update, even if it was something a la ver. 2012, just to round somethings with the balance, also to maybe just let everyone have Shuma & Jill for free? Who knows. I hope the game survives because it's still great to watch, hopefully it can grow as well. I want the line up next year to be USF4, UMvC3, KoF13, GGXrd, and Smash 4.

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Mountain's OK, I'm glad that exists as a little thing, and it is vaguely charming, but that's about it. I hope his career continues in games, we need more people like him making "artware".

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Because they are children. Depiction of violence of any kind against children, especially from non-children is toxic, vile, and generally repulsive. But hey, it is a thing you can do...it is just a completely negative thing. Children are underdeveloped physically, mentally naive, and generally inexperienced. Anyway this thread is pretty silly/ridiculous.

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@freakin9: Refs during Argentine games historically prefer to be playing Super Mario Bros. on their Gameboy rather than watch the game/ball.