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@bollard: "the first Witcher." Well there's your problem. The second game was much better received and more playable.

The Witcher is the Mad Max to Witcher 2's Road Warrior. The Terminator to Witcher 2's Terminator 2. Just pretend like the sequel was actually the original and you'll be fine.

Perfect comparison. I'd add, the Witcher is also Alien to Witcher 2's Aliens.

Also, you can dive right into the sequel and it explains all of the necessary things from the first game. Witcher 1 is a treasure for those of us who can overlook stale combat and jankiness for the awesome world and characters, but anyone interested in general can dive right into Witcher 2 without really missing anything.

Not really a good comparison because Alien and T1 are really good, and Witcher 1 is...eh. That being said yeah, pick up Witcher 2 on Steam, download a save for Witcher 1 (off the W2 Nexus) and go. I think it was even free with XBL Gold recently too.

Anyway, this looks so wonderful. I need to replay Witcher 2 before it comes out as well.

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It's in the game it counts. End of story. Unless like, you play on a real competitive level at something then that's different. Then only what you have done in all official competitions (i.e. like in sporting events, competitions, and seasons) is what "matters" I guess. But in my opinion, as someone who likes to have fun and do good at things, every match/game matters, because it is you playing in it.

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Yeah, Tales of Vesperia may let you do that.

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Why? It's so good.

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Some of the Exotic weapons are really neat/super powerful, but besides that yeah, there's not much to Destiny after you get Ice Breaker, Gjallarhorn, and Atheon's Epilogue. Especially since the multiplayer is just kind of a more boring/less fleshed out version of Halo MP but sometimes there's some crazy powers. I had way more fun with Far Cry 4 in the end.

Also yeah, you need raid gear (which is Legendary) to get max level. That being said I had buddies who used the Destiny LFG to always have raid partners and I ended up with most of the raid armor & weapons. I ended up at 30 at a certain point and haven't touched it in months by now.

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Windows 10 being free in the first year >>> voice command shit and touching the air to use apps

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It's cool for the CDs, games, other cool items. Too bad the USA's was never that great. I still have 1000 or so coins and there isn't much to use them on.

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This, Persona 5, and No Man's Sky did it for me. Should be a great game.

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I want a mode in the new Red Dead (maybe could have been a PC mod if that existed) that is basically this, but also has an offline version.