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Good lord I want a Brad-singing-based weekly premium feature. Like every week, singing along with whatever the singing equivalent of Rocksmith would be. Or singing songs voted on by the community. Something.

Unfortunately Vinny moved to New York before I could convince him to help me get my passion project, The Ballad of Allard, off the ground.

Hopefully you can learn Garage Band if that's what you guys use to record the Bombcasts in the future.

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To me in difficulty it goes Dark Souls > Demon's Souls > Dark Souls II > Bloodborne. DS2 was pretty tough in fits and starts, but not that consistent. Bloodborne was just kind of a mash fest besides like 5-7 bosses.

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Vernon Roche is kind of a jerk. Dandelion is more of the light hearted side kick.

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It was OK, just so much worse than Origins in terms of plot and sense of purpose. I always felt more engaged with the moment to moment activities in Origins. That being said DAI looked really pretty and the zones were neat. As well Origins kind of beats it in most other categories, but Inquisition is still prey fun with some good characters and moments.

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Eh idk, I just ran past most of the enemies with ease. It's tough until you understand the layout.

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The review sounds about right. Witcher 3 totally up staging 2 was sort of to be expected, and I really liked 2. Can't wait.

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I really hope Vinny does it. I only see Brad at the main office really digging into it, as Rorie doesn't care for The Witcher series.