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I hope she goes to Bioware and makes Jade Empire 2.

Also whatever happened to Will Wright?

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The thing is as well, people do not know how good they have it in the video games field of criticism and reviews. The level of humanity and community interaction in sites like Giant Bomb, Gamespot, Polygon, Joystiq, Destructoid, whatever site is almost completely unheard of in any major publication or site for art, film, or music criticism. The line of communication and transparency is far more down to earth, less bureaucratic and austere than the likes of Rolling Stone and Pitchfork Media. Our institutions are not (solely) the relics of old tycoons and world famous festival organizers.

Also...it is games "journalism" ethics, too many people getting heated and violent over it are gigantically moronic and toxic to not only their cause but also the industry as a whole. It's an oppressive atmosphere. Especially when...you can still put food on your table and lead a great life even if all these sites are crummy or not. Trust me, millions upon millions of people do it all the time.

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Thanks Jeff! It's been actually heartbreaking to see how out of control and destructive this has all gotten. GB has always been a reasoned place that only wants to better itself, I'd hope more of the industry could take lessons in the way you guys do things, as well as some of your pace and tone.

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Tetris, Super Mario World, A Link to the Past, Deus Ex, Starcraft, Quake 3, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, Symphony of the Night, and Chrono Trigger are the greatest games of all time.

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Oooof, stuff like this darkens your day for sure.

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Does this mean I can go to Gamestop right now and get a Mega Gengar? Shit man I want that. Gengar rules. All I need is Pokemon X?

Dinnae about the demo, I want to get that and Ruby but at the same time the remakes of these seem odd and as well I never get into Pokemon games as much as I'd like to anymore.

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Just make a new strike, because that is basically what that would be.

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Yeah, the only problem I have ever had with Miku and the other vocaloids I have heard, is that the songs are just rubbish and her tone of voice is kind of grating/crummy. Creatively, the idea of the vocaloid is fun though.

As an image or popstar, she really is no different from Katy Perry or the Spice Girls, a vague novelty or gimmick that dries up for me pretty fast and all that is left is banal, boring music.

This isn't too strange for Letterman at the end of the day, he has a wide taste (or so it seems) and is a generally pretty accepting guy.

@yagami: Whoa this was very deep, did you do the Matrix? Wow so deep reminds me of Final Fantasy VII, deep storyline Aerith dies I'm crying. It is almost like we make make rudimentary behavioral observations.

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I will say that Polygon's Video actually does a great job at explaining what Hatsune Miku is and why people really love her.

Weird, all this did was show me how creepy Miku is (before the creepy pervert stuff kicked in) and like her a lot less.

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I would if I didn't have a negative bank balance!

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So that means there's camera script is already in there, right? No real way to fuck it up unless they decided to rewrite shittier camera.

What? KH1 had a bad camera but 2 totally fixed that.