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What Zelda game hasnt been delayed?

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The parrying is very strange. The logic and the range of the matter is much less clear than before, making me want to do it much less. It just feels bad compared to the Souls game.

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The vial/bullet system is really annoying on boss fights that drain those resources. By the time you have run out on them, it just kind of makes you want to turn off the game. That coupled with the long load times sadly make this game easy to put down. Which is a bummer, because otherwise it's really fun.

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Shouldn't be hard for it to be the best game in the "series".

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It's a shitty (underwater) volleyball game, poorly implemented into a totally different game.

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Real, genuine info (that could be patched out, tbh) > misinformation.

Let all the wikis be perfectly filled in day 1, I don't mind.

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Fans hating it.