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Anyone who says current console hardware is not outdated and in need of change is kidding themselves.

This guy knows.
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Only in america....

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Since its Namco I think it'd be awesome if Duke from Tales of Vesperia made an appearance. He's one bad mutha.

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Sambo is spot on, this game is a disgrace. Jeff was been generous when he gave this game 2 stars, I can't even understand how any people are saying they enjoy the game. I've already put my copy up on ebay to try and make at least some of the money I've wasted back. I absolutely loved Shadowrun and was sure I was gonna love this game too, please don't make the same mistake - this game has nothing on Shadowrun or TF2. While I was playing this game I was just thinking of all the better stuff I could be playing instead.

If I'm coming across as a jackass believe me, I don't normally post anything as trashy as this about any game/subject, the game is just  so pathetic I need to make sure people don't buy it.

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@Jay444111 said:

 "Yep, I said it, sure disgusting is funny, but there is a line, and that last episode actually gave me stomach aches from just hearing it from another room."

Are you trying to sound like an absolute pussy?
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Just casted my vote. Let's hope I wont be having coffee next election!

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@elcalavera:  Of course I'd much prefer it if there were no BNP members of parliament BUT the very small minority of seats they would gain would be vastly outnumbered by the other parties who would be getting the seats they deserve who aren't extremists, such as the liberal democrats and the green party.
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At least if they stole my credit card details I can blame all the porn purchases on them when the Bank asks.

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@TheSeductiveMoose said: 
Ah I see, wasn't aware of the hung parliament. But as you said to elcalavera, just because we disagree with them, doesn't mean that democratic principles dont apply to them. I'd say that not allowing other people to have their view represented is pretty fascist in itself, isn't it  :P
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@CaptRoFL said:
" Thanks for posting that video.I FINALLY know what the AV is. "
If that was sarcasm - I said it was a dumb video and it only explains it simply. I didn't tell anyone to base their vote on this video alone or not to do any further research on AV. But if you weren't then I apologise.

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" The Lib Dems sold out big time when they didn't push for PR. I'm voting Yes to AV because I think it's better than FPTP but I know it won't change the results in the majority of elections. I think AV is fairer because your vote always counts as even if the candidate you most favoured gets eliminated you can still have a say in who gets elected.The campaigns on both sides have been pretty bad but I'm frankly appalled at the way the No campaign has been lying to the public in their posters and insulting their intelligence by saying they're too dumb to puts things in order of preference. "

Couldn't agree with you more, especially on the "No" campaign, the leaflets I've got in the mail are just insulting. They even said in the leaflet that in FTPT "the the one with the most votes is the winner", which isn't even the case, it's the one with the most seats.