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when it comes to un-explainable questions we do what hideo kojima would want us to do..........blame it on the nanomachines

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who else was disturbed by meryls manly shoulders on her and johnnys wedding?

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i think it sort of made me realise how bad things are for otacon, everyone he loves just dies. kinda funny really. although naomi is a total whore im surprised she didnt have sex with the monkey and then betray it an act later

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i always found ocelot quite a bit confusing and hard to get my head around. hes always triple crossing everybody that sometimes i have no idea where he stands. i think young ocelot's goals in MGs3 were much more understandable, but i did think revolver ocelot had an amazing character about him that just make him soo cool. but then i think he tended to lose it a bit in MGS2 and i hated how liquids voice would come through whenever the arm would take over, i found that irritating and kinda gay. but i think seeing liquid ocelot in MGS4 just showed his true power for what it was, he didnt even seem like he had a weakness and he just seemed indestructable. sooo i would probably go with liquid ocelot as he was pure awesome that had total control and didnt seem to worry about getting his arm cut off by a ninja

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The thought of playing someone else in snakes story is quite deppressing especially knowing that the result of the story is basically his (spoilers) death. especially now that after the 4th installment it seems that there are no more problems that can occur in the big boss, solid snake and liquid snake story line. But if there had to be another MGS set around these times i would definatly like to see raidens side of things from the end of the second MGS up to the 4th, Because that still seems like a bit of a grey area which hideo didnt seem to go into much detail with....it also seems it was done deliberatly. But if there were another metal gear game, i think it would make things alot more interesting if it sort of abandoned that timeline and went further into the future and to see a story bloom from the results of snakes death and how the world is functioning without 'SOP' and so on. but id like to see new main characters that have as much as an effect as the originals did. it will also be cool if like you saw maybe one or two of the characters from the originals make a few apearences like otacon whilst hes in his old age or something. i think the feeling of seeing how the world changed as a result of your actions in the past games, would be awesome.

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i would probably say MGS4, the reason being that i feel it was the first time konami nailed the story, gameplay and graphics all in one. Although MGS1 comes straight behind it. It was one of the best games i had ever played at the time but after playing twin snakes i just felt that a few things didnt work and needed to be tweaked and should have been tweaked in twin snakes. Well i loved MGS2 and i thought the story was a real brave move for kojima but i think he pulled it off, but i dont think it can be classed as a solid snake game as you only really get to play him for a lil while. but i think the absense of snake in MGS2 just made you love him even more in MGS4.