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Patrick, you realizes this delays frees up time that you could be playing Planescape Torment, right?

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I'm just going to duck in here real quick and say that the Vox article on the subject is fantastic. If anyone wants as thorough and well thought out as you can get breakdown of the events and the underlying issues I can't recommend it enough.

Thanks, just read it and it truely was a fantastic article

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@bushlemon said:

What is this DOTA everyone keeps talking about?

No fucking clue.

Heard it's like Heroes of Newarth, except you can wear hats.

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@keris said:

What the hell happened to the title of this thread?

Seconded, I now no longer can immediately tell when glancing over the topics which is the legit waiting room

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The podcasts were great as usual and so were the press conference stuff, but I'm always upset by how little video content we get during the show floor time. I live what drew does with showing behind the scenes, but as demonstrated by this year we only get day one wrap up and then day two is kinda meshed in with the behind the scenes video. Day 3 never shows up. And as usual podcasts go we don't always hear about everything you guys see even the week after. So honestly I would like a bit more content focused on that in a clear and concise place. Opposed to me scanning through Drew's (very well done) behind the scenes video and the podcast which is 3 hours long. I like both of those things but I would like to also have a wrap up for the actual games since e3 podcasts focus more on people and different topics.

The other method which you guys have kinda done in e3's past is to have the last segment devoted to what the staff played. I would also be ok with this, but this year it was gone due to a large number of guests shuffling in and out.

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Man, this just made me remember how much I loved this game. I got this for Christmas along with a playstation and I loved it. I was only 8 years old and had never played an rpg before and man was this game awesome. The gameplay is still unique to this day.

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@jjbsterling: Don't worry your time will come one day. I've gone to pax east ever since the beginning and this is the first time I will actually be 21 so I can go to the meet up

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The McElroy brothers, such a great type of humor they bring. Though I'm guessing Giantbomb would rather have people that can work at their office, and neither of those two are going to be moving.

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Over the past two weeks I've been starting to hear a high pitched continuous ringing sound throughout all the giantbomb content they record. Now I know this isn't my end that's messing up, as it's only the videos that giant bomb is recording that the sound comes up. Is this something that is going to be addressed?

Sorry don't want to sound rude or anything but I quite literally can barely watched any of the videos without being driven mad by this sound. Or have I already gone crazy and the sound doesn't exist?