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I love it for the most part. I think it feels better than Bayo 1 overall, looks nicer, has a tighter pacing and, thankfully, recycles itself less.

The boss fights are a drag that rely too much on their spectacle. The flying sequences all just take way to long and hurts their replayability.

I think that Asura's Wrath set the bar too high for absurd battles and that's a bummer, since Bayo 1 kinda got that ball rolling in the first place.

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How bad is the PS3 version of Bayonetta? I have the 360 version but my console is on the fritz and i've been itching to play more recently.

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Olga, since he'll have to have wrapped his head around the controls and first-person aiming early on.

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Thanks for including my Chrono Trigger post ZombiePiiiiiiiee!!

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@thatpinguino: You're absolutely right about that one, my attempt to provide context was blinding me. Quick! Delete your post so no one else notices! Do i need to add i'm joking? Meh. I'll do it anyway.

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@thatpinguino Thanks for taking the time to check it out! I realize the longer an essay like this is the less people will be inclined to read it, but I really wanted to get at the hart of why CT is so special. So many of its small decisions look simple and straight forward, but that's one of its marvels considering what it was trying to do was actually quite complex.

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I realize this is a long one, there were a great many things I wanted to cover.

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Man, i dont know what it is but it seems like i've been hearing a lot of people going back to older Final Fantasy games lately. Maybe I'm just noticing it because i'm finally playing through the DS version of 4 for the first time right now. Anyways, because of that, i've been thinking about the Active Time Battle system some myself, especially since 4 was the first game to implement it and it has been used and modified so many times in the entries that have followed.

I'm not saying the ATB system is perfect, but i do like the action-forward layer of twitch it brings to the combat. I agree, it makes the gameplay frantic, but i think that's ultimately a benefit. It forces you to focus, and in doing so is able to trigger all sorts of emotions because its got you by the balls. There's tension in watching that bar fill up in anticipation of your move and it creates a palpable sense of dread that the enemy will get to act first, requiring you to alter your choice to compensate, even in a span of a fraction of a second. A weird side effect to it is that you're so hyper focused on selecting actions, the downtime between inputs can seem to take fucking forever because you're so invested. There are times when it makes the game feel slower, but i honestly cant tell if thats just a trick of the mind or not.

Tangentially, the DS version of 4 also added a casting timer on top of the ATB so you know exactly when your party members will act, which i think is great and want to know if the original had that as well, since none of the others do as far as i know.

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I think my biggest problem with the Chris Plante piece is that that particular topic could've been written in almost any other way and been totally fine. It could've been a thoughtful piece, reflecting on how the police presence looks in Battlefield: Hardline compared to other games in the past that have a cops/robbers dynamic.

<cut for space>

But instead of being any sort of article that would've required actual work, it's just a bog-standard "video game violence is bad and hurting society" write-up that would be laughed at if this was 2007, employing the same sort of collective shaming and moralizing that seems to permeate the games press overall these days.

I'd be incredibly interested to see what Jack Thompson thinks about modern games journalism flip on how videogames are negatively affecting culture. Wonder if he feels vindicated at all.