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oh wow. Thanks guys! I'm on mobile right now so I'll check out the goods on my laptop in the morning. ^_^

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Hey everyone! Been recently playing with the idea of getting a small PC in my living room to play off my tv for gaming mostly, even though I have a ps4 and X1. Just would be nice to play some PC only games (ex. Americas Army, Company of Heroes 2, ARMA, & DayZ). I was looking at the Alienware Alpha, Asus ROG, obviously Steam machines but their not out. I don't really plan on playing GTAV or anything crazy like that since I already have it on X1.

Not trying to break the bank on this either, prefer to keep it under $1000. Any ideas or builds that can work?

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Mines is 1478-4958-8715

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i honestly don't remembered the last time i cried...but damn near came close to it at the end of this episode! It was sooo good!

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This Is Only A Test

Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

The Comedy Button

SMod cast (sometimes)

Gamespy Debriefings (post ep.119)

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i used to be a 10 when i was younger, i took people to hold me down. but now being in the military i kinda have to just suck it up and deal with it, now im not as scared. still hurts though.

in the past weeks i got poked by 12 needles..only 3 kinda hurt.

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maybe B.C. is Before Chrono..

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@TomA: im using Win 7. so for me its Start > My Documents > My Games it might be there.

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I have my 360 saved game on my PC now, and when i try and load it says "Thsavegame cannot be loaded because it is outdated. Its version is 0 and the current version is 8." Now what do i need to do to update it to work?

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Final Fantasy XII, i LOVE that game.

as for franchises that i been with since the beginning i would say Final Fantasy and Mass Effect. i read all the ME books and played through the games tons of times.