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The Potenial Sounds of A Machine for Pigs

Amnesia: The Dark Descent had great atmospheric music and sound design. I’m hoping they create something similar, yet different enough to be distinctive from the last. If Frictional Games and their sound design team haven't already stumbled upon ‘One Pig’, a high concept sound work by English electronic musician, Matthew Hebert, they should. The reason being One Pig’s incorporeal and use of the animal to create the sounds and instruments for the composition. From the carcass, foley like techniques were used to record the sounds of sawing flesh, dripping of blood etc. The most interestingly macabre instrument, being the one involving the pig's blood.

Overall the album samples, almost every aspect, sounds of squeals, shrieks and grunts from the sow’s stages in a pen, to the birth of her piglets and her inevitable slaughter (though this event was never captured). Granted the music created, is mostly ‘high art soundscapes’ of digitally filtered electronic music, the organic sounds are not entirely lost, creates an uncertain dread and awkward grotesqueness.

The most interesting part of One Pig is the potential collaboration between Matthew Herbert and Mikko Tarmia.

On another macabre swine related note and high concept music is (former hardcore band) Fucked Up’s ‘Year of the Pig’. A 19 minute song about Canadian serial killer and pig Farmer Robert Pickton. The lyrics draw parallels between man’s life and death with that of the pig. With such lines as: “Ashamed of what pigs mean to men - Ashamed of what we do to them - Ashamed of the pig in our head - Ashamed so we kill them instead”


Interweb: Future proofing me for the next 5 yrs.

The recent mind-blowing, life changing experience of having cable internet has opened a cornucopia of options to modern living; I finally have an understanding of why some people go down the route of digital over physical retail. I was able to download 10 gigs of steam games and updates in less than an hour. Something I have never seen before. 'Wow! What-a Rush!' And at the same time, stream a 20 minute video of Jeff talk about the gamespot days.

Now in Australia, the NBN (National Broadband Network) is taking its sweet ass time to get to as many households as possible, so jumping the gun and getting the next best thing for decent internet is cable. Right now we’re paying less than $80 for 250 gigs at over 10 mbps and considering whatever Telstra (the big wig communications moguls here) decides to charge for the NBN fibre, the cable is a bargain.

The dilemmas now is 'what are my options for making the best out of cable?' and 'will I just become another junkie looking for my next stronger fix?'

For my media consumption, I have the two options of Free ("legal options") and Pay content. Right now in Australia both options are primitive in comparison, and getting Pay TV is just folding into the Murdochs’ power struggle. I'm left with poor options. I can't watch Comedy Central stuff, I can't watch Hulu or Current TV etc. Right now I'm looking into getting Boxee Box or a Telstra T-Box, both having free and paid content but both are just poor imitations of North American standards. So far it’s been a Playstation 3 with ABC’s iview, which isn’t bad but I want more. More! MORE! STRAP IT TO MY VEINS!