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Another year another android box. Add it to the pile!

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Hi Mod,

Can you delete entry; "Wild Sheep Studio" (Game)


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All I can of think of is, EA/DICE sees Payday and Overkill Software as a threat. When Payday 2 ended up becoming the underdog for "fan favourite multiplayer", EA gotta go after the heist genre. They might aswell buy out the Kingpin IP and do a reboot while they're at it - put Snoop Dog and the cast from NWA for street cred mass appeal. But no Bodycount - Copkiller in any promotional material cos its too real.

The only real trend I'm noticing is the Scandinavian resurgence, in the genre of alternative shooters and first person games. Starbreeze, Machine Games, Overkill Software, Frictional Games and doing interesting things that set them apart just like DICE when they started out.

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Yes the retail boxed copy requires Steam activation. Though there's no indication on the back of box, or even any copyright/TM Steam logos inside the manual. But on the front page of the manual, just about the serial key there in fine print that reads; "Steam Activation Code". So yes the PC retail boxed copy requires a Steam.

Also noted boxed copies don't have pre-order bonuses inside.

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Duders get this awful XBONE code off me please!

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When I think of the Playstation I will always remember the 'Double Life' ad. SCE UK knew how to market the Playstation as a lifestyle accessory, like it meant something, that it was important, and not just some children's toy you buy at Christmas - though I did buy mine in November 97.

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I grew up with a NES, Texas Instruments, PCs and the like, and though I'll always prefer PC gaming, it was the Playstation that had me obsessively excited about a console.

The David Lynch PS2 'The Third Place' ad still baffles me. But they made it right with the 'Fun Anyone?' ad.

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@mb said:

Possessing nunchaku is a felony in California...carrying a loaded, concealed handgun is only a misdemeanor. They were banned during the ninja movie/weapons craze of the 1980's, I believe.

The same can be said in the UK. They loved their dubbed HK kung-fu films of the 80s and 90s, though the classification board would edit/censor gratuitous weapon demonstrations and techniques in said films, like they were Video Nasties or something. They also didn't like the word "Ninja", in TMNT.

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