Ah, The Memories

A list of games I have fond memories of playing through my life...

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Yeah, X-Com was damn spooky. All my Master System had built into it was that snail game :) You must have had a later version :)

Posted by Danial79
@ahoodedfigure: What is this snail game you speak of? :)
Posted by awakethefallen

You could turn on the MS without a game cartridge in it and enter in some kind of a code and it would bring up a hidden game. I'm sure Giant Bomb has something on it, the details a pretty vague for me. Awesome list though, 1-12 I'm right there with you, I played all of those games so much!
 http://www.giantbomb.com/snail-maze/61-21555/  Yeah there it is!

Posted by Danial79
@awakethefallen: Only to 12? :)