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Good luck duders!

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@JudgeDread: Where are you located?

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I've been working with our ad network and we've permanently blocked out the lower end networks that were sourcing in their crappy "Download/Play Now" and "You have 1 New Message!" ads. I've also manually blocked them, so they should stop showing up. If you still see some, please screencap and send to me at daniel@whiskeymedia.com so I can report them immediately.

I've been seeing much higher quality ads as a whole in the last couple days since we put more rigid gates up to keep the crap out. I'm ever vigilant in making sure the ad experience is as good as it can be. Sorry for any malicious ads that have gotten through.

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Lookin good, duder! :)

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@Slag: Thanks for going premium, and pointing out this issue in the first place, duder.

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This is simply unacceptable. I spoke to our ad network (who is the sole network on our sites right now) this morning and let them know this was a serious concern. They said they were on the case and, despite dozens of daily malware sweeps of their ad tags, that this has happened before. However, we're seeing far too many reports to let the ads continue to run. I've shut down these ads on our sites for the time being, until our ad partner resolves the problem entirely or we find a new partner altogether.

I am incredibly sorry about this.

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I'd really appreciate if you could provide the following whenever you see one of these .exe or malwares come through. It helps to know your OS, Browser and version of that browser, click through URL of offending ad and any screen caps of the ad creative, which anti-virus program you're using, and any anti-virus export logs you may have on hand. Thanks.

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I'm on top of this problem, guys. I called our ad network this morning to let them know that this has happened. They're digging deeper to see if they can find any rogue ad tag that slipped through their dozens of daily ad tag scans for exactly such bad ads.

I'll keep you posted...

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Hey buddy, you're awesome.