A Nostalgic Weapon in RAGE - Weapon Spoiler I guess?

Hey dudes. I threw this together yesterday among the post-lunch haze, my body and mind still high on chicken tenders and a tub of honey mustard.

How's everyone digging the other minor throwbacks that this game contains? Found any of the other fabled rooms, aside from the Wolfenstein 3D one?


Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine is certainly an MMO - Free to Play

Oh god, you guys. It was requested, so we did it. Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine. PerryVandell and I both went in for this one, as I brought in my bronze-age laptop in order for him to join me in the sordid universe of future-Japan.

So, how would you dudes envision an ideal SMT-styled MMO? I didn't think this was so hot, but I'm also not as familiar with the SMT universe as some of you guys probably are.


LoL: Dominion is Fun and We're Bad at it - Free to Play

MORE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS! Dominion, this time, with MattBodega and I getting our fine selves all on top of it. When shouting, make sure not to do so directly at your monitor, to avoid spittle/drink/food splatter. Find a container-- preferably a waste basket, and then commence the angerin'.

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