I've been taking some notes as I've been playing through Bioshock Infinite.

So Booker was part of the 7th cavalry wounded knee.

Holy shit. It's like A Reverse Rapture Descent but instead of Dark Ayn Rand Downward Plummet it's like an LDS Rocket Ride!

Levine and co. have done it again.

Rapture everyone wanted to kill you. In Columbia every one is a sweet and creepy LDS movie extra.

An Irishman and a Negress get wheeled onto a stage.

What did the Skyhook say to the face....Ok NOW everyone wants to kill you.

(playing, playing, playing...It's like Bioshock, but NOT Bioshock. It's got the elements I love but new Magic.)

God only knows - the beach boys WTF.

3 hours in and I just killed off a room of Wilkes Booth Clan Masons. Wtf is this game?

Monument island quarantine - these crackers got a tiger by the tail. And they don't know if they should let go or run. That's how it is with white people.

Boardwalk 1912 circus version of "Girls just wanna Have fun"

Colored and Irish washroom. Ok. That's where I'm taking a smash what with a last name like mine.

Oh Duke and Dimwit.

The Wounded Knee and Boxer Rebellion Exhibits are blowing me away. This is fantastic. This is fantastic.

OK at Finkton Docks.

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