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As an aside here, how would it work with a game if I wanted to sell my game to a friend. If the game goes to a reseller, they must update Microsoft that it is in there system. So it deactivates from you and is ready to sell on and activate somewhere else. Where they have stated it will not require a secondary fee.

But if I sell my game to a friend......... Currently they state if it is "lent" it deactivates on your system whilst you are logged in on their console. Once I leave they then have an option to purchase the game for their own account.

So how do I sell my game privately, I charge £10 ( say ) they take the disk install - it is still registered to me- they are then paying a fee to ( also ) buy the game.

Unless there is a feature at install that asks if you have bought the game from the previous owner, then it would deactivate from my account - I suppose. Dependent on the trade in and sale values through shops, and the install value via taken as a purchase from a friend and installing via their account to their console. Private sales could be valueless.

My brain hurts. Have I got the logic right here.