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@hoodcommando: Haha I was there for that. Unbelievably stupid game. So good.

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I am so stoked for this! I'm not yet familiar with Jason, his work, or his personality but I look forward to learning all about it. Dan, on the other hand, was born to be on Giant Bomb.

Welcome, duders!

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It has the best battle mode - but only on The Block. Seriously, every arena in every Mario Kart battle mode sucks compared to this simple set up of ramps, bridges, and levels. Shit baffles me that they can't get that right in any other Mario Kart game.

As for the racing in 64 I'd have to agree. Pretty meh.

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I've played through both games. Honestly, didn't even think about the comparison when I played. And now that you mention it? Don't really care.

But man, Winter was easily my favorite section of that game. Damn good stuff.

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Anyone wanting or even defending the Xbox One sound just like battered wives to me.

One positive thing I'll give Microsoft's press conference was the reveal of a new Killer Instinct. Not for the dumb game, but the soundtrack. Seriously.

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Guess I'll download that star wars mmo... now that I'm actually reminded of it. Shit's free, right?

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Good article, Patrick. I read every word.

I did not read a single word from the comments, as I do not care to read about their hate. I'd gain nothing by it and would only get worked up and upset. Not an assumption, I know the GB community well enough to realize the vocal majority isn't worth listening to.

Just wanted to throw my name in the hat of people who appreciate what you, and everyone at GB does. Keep up the good work.

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As a PS3 WWE '13 user, I demand these videos be put on youtube. DEMAND.

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@N7: I just want to acknowledge that this is a great post. Good work, sir.

Also, I had no idea about the headset thing. I will definitely look into this.

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