Dan's Blogvent Calendar - December 11th

Today, when I finished work, I came home, sat down and made the list.

You know which list I'm talking about. The list. The one made up of names, every one of which corresponds to a person or family to which you're planning to send a Christmas card this year. The list.

I haven't made the list for about eight or nine years now. The last time I handed out Christmas cards en masse was in secondary school, when card-giving was less of a genuine well-wishing sentiment and more of a popularity contest. Back then making the list was a cinch, because it essentially amounted to your classmates. Sure, there were a few outlying friends from other classes, and you tended not to bother with the girl who was never there, but for the most part the list was identical to the register your form tutor used to read at morning roll call.

Unsurprisingly, I move in different circles these days. Multiple circles. There are old school friends, sure, but they only make up one sub-category in the wider context of the list these days. Now there are work colleagues, those who I play darts with (two different teams on two different nights), the folks in my band, extended family that I can no longer get away with by proxy when my parents do their Christmas cards... the list has pervaded every facet of my life. Partners, spouses, children - all have to be included within this modernised version of the list.

With this new-found diversity comes the realisation that distributing these cards is also going to be a much bigger chore. Gone are the days when I could lug all thirty of my written Christmas cards into school in my backpack and hand them out in a single day. Just as the list has to be sub-categorised, so too must the cards themselves - sorted into different piles, which must be taken to different places and handed out at different times. The apparently simple, well-meaning act of sending Christmas cards has become a strategic operation requiring military planning precision.

I am due to sit down and write all of the cards outlined on the list. After that, I think I may not bother for another eight or nine years. Thanks for reading guys, take care and I'll see you around.



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Posted by Slag

See this is why people do the photo Christmas card thing.

Take a pic of yourself + any spouse/lids you have, write one general message, print as many times as needed, stuff and address envelopes, and boom you're done.