Dan's Blogvent Calendar - December 13th

It's been a long week. I'm absolutely exhausted and fit to drop, but first I'm going to muster up the last few ounces of my waking strength to put together today's Blogvent contribution. It'll be a short one, structured with bullet points and not really about anything in particular. As long as you're prepared for nonsensical rambling, let's continue, shall we?

  • I'm now six badges to the good in Pokémon White, and well on track to finish the game in time for the launch of Pokémon Bank on the 27th of this month. When I've beaten the Elite Four I can migrate everything I caught in LeafGreen, SoulSilver, Emerald and Platinum into my White cartridge, ready to make the all-important journey into Y so I can finally keep track of all my owned Pokémon in one place. I still stand by my original opinion of White from when I first played it nearly three years ago, by the way - it's a pretty underwhelming journey as far as the archetypal Pokémon quest goes. This time though, I plan to get stuck into some of the post-game content, and I'm told that's where these fifth generation games really shine.
  • I am still really liking A Link Between Worlds (whenever I can put down Pokémon for long enough to remember that I'm playing it). I don't really have anything else to add. Just wanted to remind you all that I'm playing it, and it's great.
  • I haven't played any more of Assassin's Creed: Revelations since I started it over a week ago. I don't really have anything else to add. Just wanted to remind myself that I should be playing it, because it's probably great.
  • I managed to get tickets today to go and see a band called The Temperance Movement in April of next year. They're an awesome British blues-rock band with shades of artists like The Black Crowes and the Eagles in their sound. Their self-titled debut is one of my favourite albums of this year, and I cannot wait to see the band performing them live.
  • It's now less than twenty-four hours until my band Sudden Gunfire take to an actual stage for the first time ever, to play as part of a huge local charity event. Excitement is still outweighing nerves at the moment, but that's likely to have changed by early afternoon tomorrow. Hopefully come Sunday I'll have a few videos of the evening to share.

That will do. Tired. Sleepy time. Thanks. Reading. See. Around.



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Good luck with the performance and have fun!

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Posted by MajorMitch

How much stuff do you have to migrate to White (and then Y)? Knowing how the Pokemon trading interface works, that process could take quite a while :P

I also thought the Black/White campaign was underwhelming compared to the others, but I was never really able to place why.

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@majormitch: I've just checked through my SoulSilver save file (the cartridge where all the Pokémon I care about currently reside), and I have 258 individual Pokémon to migrate across to White. The Poké Transfer only allows you to move six Pokémon at a time, so that means 43 separate migrations. When it comes to White, I have another 50-odd Pokémon currently in my possession, and that number is set to rise while I go through the game. I'm really hoping that the Poké Transporter and Pokémon Bank are a little less restrictive on how many Pokémon you can move at a time.