Games I Have Played In 2010

This is a list of all the games I've played and completed in 2010. By "completed", in most cases I mean that I've finished the storyline of the game's single player. There are a few exceptions - games like Viva Pinata, which have no discernible end, are included on the list if I've spent a considerable amount of time with them this year. Much like the 'Games I Have Played In 2009' list, I've included some brief thoughts on my experience with each game. In addition, I've also noted down completion dates for all of the games.

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Not sure why they're voting you down.  It seems factually based :)

Posted by maskedaprentice

Oh my goodness wasn't Blue Shift ridiculously disappointing?

Posted by dankempster
@maskedaprentice: I found it to be pretty lacklustre, especially jumping into it right after Opposing Force's excellent campaign. If you're interested in what I thought of both expansions, check out this blog for further details.
Posted by chilipeppersman

was anyone else seriously dissapointed by far cry 2?

Posted by RagingLion
@chilipeppersman:  Personally, I'm a total Far Cry 2 lover.  I get the sense the developers were trying to achieve even more than they did, but what they did manage makes it one of my favourite games of all time.
Posted by chilipeppersman
@RagingLion: thats understandable. I just couldnt get past the sense of repetative-ness that it gave me after I played it for a little while