Games I Have Played In 2012

First, there was the list of games I played in 2009. That was followed by the list of games I played in 2010, and that in turn by the list of games I played in 2011. Now, as a new year beckons, it's time to prepare to compile the list of Games I Have Played In 2012.

As always, the same rules apply. For a game to make it onto this list, I must finish it between the dates of January 1st and December 31st 2012. 'Finished' games are defined as games in which I see the credits roll on the single-player campaign, or reach the end of the main quest line. If a game has no discernible end, but I spend a substantial amount of time with it, then it is also eligible for inclusion on this list. Last year, I completed a total of twenty-nine games. My personal record to date is a total of thirty games, achieved in 2010. Will I better that? Only time will tell...

List items

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