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It should come as no surprise to anybody to learn that this is a list of all the games I'm currently in the process of playing through. Each game on the list is accompanied by a few statistics breaking down my experience with it to date:

  • Platform - The platform on which I'm playing the game. This also indicates whether the game in question is part of a special collection, or a digital version.
  • Began - The date on which I started playing the game. It's a useful reminder for me, as well as a clear indicator of how long I've been playing each game on the list.
  • Status - How frequently I'm playing the game. This could either be ACTIVE (assigned to games I'm playing on a daily or near-daily basis), INTERMITTENT (assigned to games I'm playing now and then with little to no continuity), or HIATUS (assigned to games that I'm not currently playing, but intend to come back to in the future).
  • Progress - A short write-up detailing how much time I've spent with the game and how far into it I've managed to get. Sometimes I'll include some brief thoughts on the game itself.

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Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I want to hop back into VIII with a guide at some point, but then again, I also keep meaning to finish IX, start V and VI, and fully intend on buying that X remake. This might turn into the year of the Fantasy for me.

Posted by dankempster

@sparky_buzzsaw: Tell me about it. I also want to replay IX, X and VI, not to mention go back through IV before sampling The After Years, then at some point finally get around to playing through XII and finishing all the Tactics spin-offs. Oh, and of course there's Lightning Returns coming out this year, although I think my desire to play that stems more out of the completionist in me than in any fanatical interest in the game itself.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

@dankempster: If I had liked IV slightly more, I'd play through the After Years too. As it stands, I think I've as much of that game as I'd like. Not that it's bad, mind you. I just don't have any drive to return to it. I think I have a couple of Square games on my iPad I bought over the holidays, too. That's a lot of SE stuff to play through.