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Rorie hooked me up.

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I found out over the weekend my subscription ended. I use the paypal method. I never got an email saying it was ended.

I bought the paypal subscription yesterday, I have received the email that the tshirt has shipped. But I am still not showing up as a premium member on the site.

Thanks for your time,


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@stepside @lp_green That comment was in total Jest, I have met way more assholes here than I have ever have in Quebec.

I am just bitter I can not get a decent poutine here in SK. ;)

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@krakn3dfx: I don't know if he has been diagnosed with bipolar or not but as someone who is bipolar it would make a lot of sense, I have acted in some horrible ways before diagnosis and medication. and even while taking my meds, and everything else that goes with it, I have to really watch myself as to how I act and what I say.

Its a horrible disorder and I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through it.

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I was actually hoping Giant Bomb wouldn't report on this. After seeing the shitty reporting done on this, this weekend.

I do feel sorry for Phil, He is outspoken (but he is a Québécois so here in Canada we are used to them acting like him ;) ) and he did say some regretful things. But I understand his frustration and as someone else who wears his heart on his sleeve I get it.

I hope he does come back and like you Patrick I feel he will. I hope a break helps him recharge and get his head in a better place.

Beers is a dick IMHO. (Phil is as well, but he is a likable dick to me)

I am glad you posted this @patrickklepek best write up I have seen on the whole affair. Very fair and well written. <3

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@rorie Nice article dude! Hope to see more of them :)

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It was working way better for me this week no buffering.

Watched the bombastica on law of the west tonight no issues.

but trying to watch the iracing.com quicklook and its buffering like crazy.

I am in Regina, SK, Canada. SaskTel 25/2 DSL (no issues with other streaming)
both systems are 3.2Ghz core 2 dou. 4GB ddr2
System 1: Win 7, Chrome 28, HTML5 HD - buffers and slowdown constantly
System 2: Win 8, XBMC Addon (720p H264 streaming) - Constant buffers as well.

Its weird it just seems to be the iracing quicklook. all other videos are fine.

Let me know if you need anymore info.

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Glad you waited till this was confirmed @patrickklepek. props.

Also good news indeed. Happy for the changes!

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I don't really care for multiplayer games myself, Though after reading this article I will pick it up and give it a try.

Also @patrickklepek I am loving all your long form content. Keep these articles coming! <3

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