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Some of my favourites not yet mentioend;

Mount Your Friends Quick Look.

Hatoful Boyfriend Quick Look.

NBA 2k15 Quick Look.

Unfinished: Gang Beasts.

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It has to be Halo. Remember Jeff's "you're Microsoft. This is Halo. Get your shit together" rant a few weeks ago on the Bombcast? Or how they've delivered multiple patches saying it would fix things but it actually broke things anew? Or this shit; http://www.polygon.com/2014/12/5/7340717/halo-spartan-strike-delay-master-chief-collection-broken

Drive Club and Unity are bad, but Drive Club is the first game in a series none of the Bombers care about. Unity is a dissapointing title that's in a series with previous dissapointing/buggy entries, that's largely been smoothed over by some free Ubi games.

Master Chief Collection seems like a lock for hottest mess.

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Pretty good segment. More and more mainstream attention being put on GamerGate, and people are not liking what they see. Good on Anita for putting up with mountains of shit.

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Man, the stuff with @deviever is sad.


Tonight, one of the indie devs lifted up by many GamerGate proponents as a sign of developer support renounced GamerGate after many people lashed out at her for criticizing GamerGate champion Milo "Nero" Yiannopoulus's views that transgender individuals are mutilated mentally ill men deluded by an out of control gay rights movement.

She has received a tidal wave of tweets from GamerGate defenders about how transgender individuals(of which Devi is one) are in fact mentally ill men, and since saying she would speak out on her concerns about ethics in gaming news and development independent of the GamerGate effort, she has been labeled as a feminist "spy" and told to stop talking about GamerGate or else.

In a flash, her questioning things justified turning on her and spewing ignorance and hate.

Increasingly, GamerGate is showing itself not as a movement motivated with concern over actual ethics or integrity, but one using those concepts to thinly veil its prejudice and bigotry.

I feel sorry for its victims and I feel sorry for the people who got duped into associating themselves with a hate movement.

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Good write up Alex. I agree with your assessment, I enjoyed the episode, but felt it was weaker as a stand alone episode.

That said, it has my favourite meta Telltale joke to date "Gren won't remember this".

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I was on the fence about it, and the news that there weren't any Australian servers put Titanfall squarely into the will not buy catergory for me.

Maybe I'll give Titanfall 2 a look.

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Bombing the AM is a gem. I worried that when it started it wouldn't be distinct enough from the Bombcast, but it's found it's voice and provides a nice contrast to stuff they do on the Bombcast.

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SimCity does not have "issues".

SimCity is an issue. It's actually impressive how comprehensively fucked up it was from top to bottom. There are some games that have a good solid premise, but dogshit execution (Battlefield 4 say), and there are some games that have an awful premise, but seem to have been executed very well . Then there's SimCity; the rare game that does both unimaginably terrible premise and execution.

Or, let me put it another way;

Once people got past the issues the Walking Dead had, which weren't universal, the game underneath was very appealing to most people who played it.

Eventually when people got past the issues SimCity had, which were universal and long lived, the game underneath was shallow, flawed and completely contrary to what most people wanted from a SimCity game.

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If the alcohol was the/one of the key causes, why precisely does the FB time stamp show he was continuing to post gross comments the next morning, after like eight hours of silence?

If he was liquored end up the entire night, dude needs help.

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I loved the 360, but no, it doesn't rank at number one. I mean, it basically gets disqualified for two reasons;

  1. While it had a great library, it had a pretty average exclusive library. It's telling of the OP's list of 50+ games, only the Halo series, the Gears series, Shadow Complex, Forza and Dead Rising were exclusive.
  2. The Red Rings of mothafuckin' death. One of the worst and most ubitiquous hardware fuck ups I've seen in console gaming in the last 20 years.

I'll reiterate; great console. But when you've got big strikes against you in your exclusive library, and your hardware, you don't walk away with the number one spot. Not when the competition is so fierce.