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Good write up Alex. I agree with your assessment, I enjoyed the episode, but felt it was weaker as a stand alone episode.

That said, it has my favourite meta Telltale joke to date "Gren won't remember this".

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I was on the fence about it, and the news that there weren't any Australian servers put Titanfall squarely into the will not buy catergory for me.

Maybe I'll give Titanfall 2 a look.

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Bombing the AM is a gem. I worried that when it started it wouldn't be distinct enough from the Bombcast, but it's found it's voice and provides a nice contrast to stuff they do on the Bombcast.

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SimCity does not have "issues".

SimCity is an issue. It's actually impressive how comprehensively fucked up it was from top to bottom. There are some games that have a good solid premise, but dogshit execution (Battlefield 4 say), and there are some games that have an awful premise, but seem to have been executed very well . Then there's SimCity; the rare game that does both unimaginably terrible premise and execution.

Or, let me put it another way;

Once people got past the issues the Walking Dead had, which weren't universal, the game underneath was very appealing to most people who played it.

Eventually when people got past the issues SimCity had, which were universal and long lived, the game underneath was shallow, flawed and completely contrary to what most people wanted from a SimCity game.

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If the alcohol was the/one of the key causes, why precisely does the FB time stamp show he was continuing to post gross comments the next morning, after like eight hours of silence?

If he was liquored end up the entire night, dude needs help.

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I loved the 360, but no, it doesn't rank at number one. I mean, it basically gets disqualified for two reasons;

  1. While it had a great library, it had a pretty average exclusive library. It's telling of the OP's list of 50+ games, only the Halo series, the Gears series, Shadow Complex, Forza and Dead Rising were exclusive.
  2. The Red Rings of mothafuckin' death. One of the worst and most ubitiquous hardware fuck ups I've seen in console gaming in the last 20 years.

I'll reiterate; great console. But when you've got big strikes against you in your exclusive library, and your hardware, you don't walk away with the number one spot. Not when the competition is so fierce.

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so much so that I have come to avoid everything with Patrick in it because I have heard enough of these matters and I do not feel Patrick or anyone on this site properly represents any of the people involved in happenings of sexism or racism or homophobia or anything and I tire oh so much of hearing Patrick's silly shpeals.

Without trying to sound too mean; if this is true, why are you even reading/commenting in this feature? I'd guess by now you'd have figured out Patrick collates these weekly features, and that if you're trying to avoid everything with Patrick in it on Giant Bomb, skipping Worth Reading would be pretty high up on the list I'd imagine.

Don't take that as me telling you to get out or anything, because I think you're perfectly entitled to discuss this whenever you feel the need, I'm just a little puzzled why you feel the need to simultaneously engage with all this material and decry it as not worth your attention/something you avoid.

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@danm_999: I wasn't talking about the articles featured in this post, I'm talking about Patrick's worth reading article he posts every Friday, this thing we're all commenting on. I have nothing against women writing articles.

...you used the fact that seven of the articles posted in this Worth Reading were written by women as your leading point when demonstrating how Patrick is trying to push some sort of diversity change.

You went so far as to count them. So yes, you were talking about the articles featured in this post, regardless of what their content was, and purely by who wrote them.

when you know maybe Giantbomb could hire an actual woman and have someone who actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to these subjects in place of Patrick the pseudo intellectual judo master.

Since all that's being done here is basically an aggregation of what other people are thinking and saying on the internet vis a vis video games in the last week or so, how precisely would a woman linking to articles other women have written in the Worth Reading articles be of more substance than when Patrick is doing it? How would it be more acceptable?

More broadly, why is it so bad for someone to try and write about something external to themselves? Can't men discuss feminism in conjunction with women?

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@conmulligan: It has nothing to do with women, I'm talking about Patrick's using giantbomb as his outlet to force feed horse shit gender politics down everyone's throats.

Even if I were to take this statement at face value, the articles written by Jessica Conditt and Maddy Myers have zero to do with "horse shit gender politics" in any sense, which either tells me;

A) You actually didn't read them before going off about Patrick and his "over the top agenda", and or;

B) Content is irrelevant, an article even being written by a woman is pushing that agenda, hence it is something to do with women.

Why is a woman writing an article, even if it's not about the topics you despise discussion of, an immediate black mark?