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Wow...I've never come across any kind of awkward or ignorant behavior like you've experienced. 
I was originally born in Seoul S. Korea, but was raised mostly in Honolulu and Los Angeles. I've found  it my ethnicity to be a conversation starters only among other ELDERLY asian people.
 I think it's mostly, where you are located at.

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But is Gary Schymann back for it?

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Either or ... i'm incredibly amazed we got this far without half the world blown up or at each others necks

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I went to a Visionaries show a couple a years back, and this guy opened for them. 
this was the song he opened with, it was pretty tense in the crowd because they weren't sure what they were seeing, but i'm pretty sure they were enjoying it. 

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Seth from Red Dead Redemption, the conversation right after the cut-scene when you meet Seth for the First Time; 
Seth:... Are we really living, anyway? Do you exist outside my mind? Maybe we're both having the same dream and when we wake up we'll die.

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yeah, that Box full of RED defintely caught my attention

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From the main cast,  i've only seen Rupert Grint(Ron weasley) in 'Driving Lessons' with another Harry potter co-star Julie Walters(Molly Weasley) which was a nice coming-of-age film.  
I read somewhere online that Martin Scorcese liked Rupert Grint in the movies, he says stole most of the movies, and he also goes to say that he should take on roles out of his comfort zone to avoid being type-casted, much sort of like Leo Dicaprio
actors/actress'  i've enjoyed the performances of ;
Gary Oldman(Sirius Black),  Brendan Gleeson(Alastor Moody), Helena Bonham carter(Bellatrix LEstrange), Joseph Fiennes(Voldemort), Alan Rickman (Snape) 
i'm gonna add Tom Felton(Draco Malfoy) after i saw the last film, and being a good sport on the film "Get him to the Greek"

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ive been on a non stop dragon age origin binge

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