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I had it memorized to 9 decimal points since my TI-30 calculator from junior high had 10 digits to display.

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Damnit Mike Daniels, he tried to block a punt and instead gave the Seahawks a first down which then lead to a field goal,

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My favorite Dan Ryckert GB moment:

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Anyone know the chords to Barkerville?

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@believer258 said:

Have someone park the car on one end of the parking lot, pointed on a clear path to the other end, and then get in and slowly drive in a straight line to the other side.

Something tells me that wouldn't work.

Saw a link and expected Bob's Burgers. Did not leave disappointed.

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Vella definitely had better characters to interact with as well as more puzzles. But what made me enjoy the end of Broken Age Part 1 was when Shay comes out of the Mog Chothra. I had a feeling that Shay was inside the Mog Chothra, but I hadn't put together that the tasks Shay was performing was actually the Mog Chothra in Vella's story. Once I learned that, I definitely appreciated Shay's story a lot more.