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The point of having fun in a war scenario that happened earlier with vets who are still recovering from it would be a bit controversial I agree. But we've had so many WWII games and other games where we take the role of soldiers in conflicts which were so much more horrendous and it was never a problem. I say let them make it, and just see how it goes. Konami has enough money to do an experiment like this.

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I have a feeling this will rely more on being a brute than being sneaky and setting up traps like in the first game. I mean of course there will still be that element, but if you're a big daddy, I would imagine you would just roll through everything launched at you.

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He sure can tear people apart. Highlight was the table flipping special imo

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If he has The Rock star as one of the Colossus then I will watch it.

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My friends replaced the buns with donuts to create the dreaded "Lutherburger"

They literally went into a fever for 2 days straight.

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It will once 13 doesnt get released.

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