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I've heard that it's still kind of laggy

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Ugh, I couldnt stand the community of SOCOM. The only people that can get into it are the guys who've played it since the first and second games. If you show any signs of being a new guy, even if you're kind and eager to learn, they boot you from the game because they're so full of themselves.
I'll stick with fun games thank you.

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Oh when Endurance Run was up, I was so stoked to get out of my classes so I could watch it.

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I usually have 8AM classes or 9AM classes and then have to wait 6 hours before my next class and go home, but usually after my first classes are done I check my emails and such. Almost every day, even though I tell myself not to, I check Giantbomb even though I know they're west coast based and info probably wont be up until 12PM EST. It's hard to break the habit, but it's one of my first bookmarks and I always have that, "What if they updated it?" feeling.

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Needs more 'Merica

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@LOTR_Dan said:
" You kids these days. Don't appreciate Rougelikes...  Then again, this isn't exactly a "true" rougelike, 'cause you don't lose everything when you die. "
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@Max_Hydrogen said:
" Is Zelda a JRPG? "
Nah it's an Adventure game. There's no leveling up or stat allocation.
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@Jacob816 said:
" No trophies = no purchase "
Really?! Remember when there was no such thing as achievements and we played things for FUN?
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So that last mode is basically a ripoff of Payload from TF2...
Actually when you get down to it, the whole thing is almos- *Gets shot*