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@ryanwho said:
" @Vitor said:
" @DiGiTaL_SiN said:
" yep, i still f*ing hate RPGs. "


You hate JRPGs - so do I apparently these days. Used to love the old FFs but the lack of any real innovation in the genre has killed it for me - Bioware and Western RPG developers are more to my taste these days

Remember that time Jeff and Vinny played Persona for a billion hours? No? Oh nevermind then. "
Wait... what does that have to do with them not liking JRPGs? Just because Jeff and Vinny liked Persona 4 doesnt mean that Sin and Vitor are going to magically change their opinion. Dull argument point you have there sir.
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These developers sound like they're 14, their voices even crack like they're going through puberty. Good looking game though

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@Milkman said:
" I really would like to know how a baby actually gets to Hell. "
I believe it's if a baby is unbaptized before it dies. I think the QL only goes to Limbo, which is where babies are supposed to go. Limbo is said to be not terrible, but there's nothing really exciting about it. It's full of philosophers and such, but it has stagnant depression washing over the entire circle.
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Hey they finally got the DS recorder thingy they said was hard to buy in the Live I Love Mondays

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That guy has Lu Bu hair and also the same voice actor as Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors (6?) Im pretty sure.

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" Even though I really liked Uncharted 2, I'm not really pleased with this choice.  I mean Uncharted 2 had amazing presentation, but people seem so strangely oblivious to the mediocre shooting and wonky controls that plagued the first game as well. In this one they get it a bit better but honestly its a competent shooter at best. In the podcast you guys would not stop talking about the games presentation and "OMG WTF" moments, but never mentioned the core gameplay which is a testament to the games strengths, but also displays its overlooked weaknesses. "
There was wonky controls and shooting?
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When I first got it, I remember I sat there going, "What makes this game so good?" And for the life of me I couldnt figure out what it was. But instead of looking for its features I looked at it as a whole. At its core its a fun game to play and can be playable and competitive without any kind of cover gimmicks, perk gimmicks, etc. The closest thing it has is the climbing feature, but in all reality it's so well done that its part of the game. It's just a game that was incredibly well done.

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Elder Scrolls V will probably come out when new technology is available. Unlike most company's they want their games to be amazing enough to last years before they feel the need to release a sequel.
As for this, I find it very interesting, seeing as many people were drawing similarities between Rage and Fallout 3.

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I really like Hamst3rs. I have an app on my cell phone that does the same thing but with limited options.

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Now COD wasnt always terrible with community. COD1 was great because no one could talk and typing was the only form of communication. So if someone was calling every racial expletives by the time they were done they either got banned or killed 5 times.