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@burgavo said:

@dannyodwyer: top of the mornin too ya, non of that DVR nonesense for you huh

Nah, I hate watching replays. Can't beat live sport. Same to you!

Enjoy the race everyone!

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Can't wait to watch that Formula E race later.

This should be fun though!

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I've been running about a week - after months of not running at all - and my legs have started to wake up again. Long distances without stopping are getting much easier. The one thing I need to get better at is eating properly in the hours before I run as I keep losing energy half way around. It's funny how your forget these things.

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Eh....you guys.

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@mellotronrules said:


my goal is to shave off 15 lbs. of extra weight, and then add a bit of lean mass.

as long as no one makes any fleetwood mac references, THERE'S NO WAY WE CAN FAIL.

Good luck mate, that's a great goal. Think I might go for the same thing!

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Danswers Episode 6: http://www.giantbomb.com/podcasts/danswers-06-fitness-with-danielle/1600-1178/
Chains Group #1: https://chains.cc/groups/ks62lW5mTSzJUVL
Chains Group #2: https://chains.cc/groups/QbrdOOQN2dv82Eh

Hey sexy video game players,

If you listened to this week's episode of Danswers, you'll know that we rather randomly began the Danswercise E3 Challenge. A group effort for gamers around the world to exercise every day before E3 2015. So what is it?

E3 begins on June 16th this year, a good 70 or so days away. So we're challenging ourselves and the Giant Bomb community to exercise every day between then and now. A run, a cycle, a swim, a box, maybe just a walk. If you need rest days for your training - they count, that's cool too. Can't exercise one day because of life commitments? Just make it up the next day.

This is for everyone who wants an excuse to get fit or lose weight before the summer. So join forces with your fellow duders, post about your experiences, send them to askdanswers@gmail.com and join our chains.cc group to keep your chain going all the way to the Electronic Triple.


- Register on the site: chains.cc
- Create a chain (call it whatever you like)
- Tick the first day (I think this is the only way you can add to a group)
- Join the group here: : https://chains.cc/groups/QbrdOOQN2dv82Eh (group 2)
- Add your chain.
- You don’t need the app - you can do it all on the site!


Then get running, cycling, boxing, swimming or whatevering your way to fitness the rest of us.

Good luck, stay healthy & two months from now you'll feel like a better version of your awesome self.

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But holy shit look at the score in Leicester

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Took a while but we got a race in the end.

Shocking turn of luck for Bottas.

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Cannot wait to see this Rosberg pit stop...

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Alonso needs to give up a few more places ;)