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Posted by DannySatsuma

"My" episode (315) is scheduled to air on Tuesday, September 14 at 8/7c on ABC. 
Potentially see me get my ass kicked repeatedly. Woo hoo!
Posted by BulletStorm

So, do they prep you at all about what you're supposed to do or do they just throw you on the track like, good luck? 

Posted by DannySatsuma

I cant' say anything until the shows airing. They do wish you good luck though. :)
Also a side note, I found there's (2) kinds of Episode 315. The number in which the episode is shot and the number in which the episode airs. Anyhoo. Sept 14th is the correct air date for U.S.. Thanks BS

Posted by Deusoma

So, did you win?

Posted by buzz_killington

Dude, please write a blog about your experience there. Like did they show the course, how did they tell you the rules, are the player 'personalities' your idea or theirs, etc. I'm super interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff of that show.

Posted by DannySatsuma

... years later a response was penned.

It went something like:

After multiple back and forth trips for medical evaluations and paper work, they let me in. They give you $10.00 a day for "Parking" and catered lunch. Being an extrovert, I get chosen to go first and that's 6am. You go ff to the side to chat with Jill. That worked out horrible. It turns out you don't get asked questions that are in-tune with all of the scenarios you've mapped out in your head. All of those witty things you thought you were going to say don't get the smooth comedic set-up. I stumble and waffle over my words and wander away all flustered. No time for that it's time to go. The staging area is hidden from the course by a large dirt wall and once you walk over the mound you can see the Qualifier. You get told to say your schpeel and a horn sounds... that's it. There's lube and morning dew and what-not on the more high-speed corner areas. Pools of water and mud may be sprinkled with bees. The mud is thick and sandy even, filling up your eyelids. The SuckerPunch shoots paint in your eyes and mouth which oddly slows you down and makes breathing and seeing troublesome. Any actuated mechanics that are described as "randomly controlled" means that there is a guy ready to press a button to mess you up. I scrubbed on every obstacle except starting launch ramp and the Big Balls, but they did not show my Qualifier, so no one will ever see. I managed to secure 12th place and made it to the Overdrive in round 2. Overdrive was crazy as each time that I made it to the exit platforms, they failed below me. While everyone else seemed to dance right past them until the round was done. I puked after each round - a combo of chlorine water, chicken and mud. The free food/catered lunch should be a challenge in itself, because eating a bunch of wacky noodles, gulping pool and getting punched in the gut ends up how you think it would. Sorry Chef. I was supposed to make it to the 3rd round as it was a pirate theme and I do pirate radio but I couldn't live up to my story arc. There is no prize for 7th place. Shit kicked my ass. I couldn't have competed with any level of success getting beaten up so expertly the first day. I went and limped around Disneyland instead. I would do it over in a heartbeat. If there's ever a Long-lost Losers Episode maybe they'll show my footage. I'm in the final episode for all of about 15seconds.