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I'm interested. I live in the San Jose... which isn't too far.  I have experience writing for a gaming site.  I used to be a GameSpot Moderator.

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Very good game.

Here's my review.

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The thing about that is cheats are dying.  I don't remember the last time I've ever needed help in a game.

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Don't worry, once you get Tellah, the game becomes less punishing... until you get Edward anyway.

I haven't tried the online stuff yet.

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I think the story-telling, from The Wind Waker and moving forward, has actually drastically improved.

The Legend of Zelda formula is one that works, but the main thing I'd like to see is more challenge.  The developers were on the right path by making the setting darker, but the whole werewolf thing killed it.  I'd like to see a Link that sees no purpose in saving the world.  A true Dark Link.