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No mention of it at Ubisofts E3 conference :(

I really hope its comes to the next gen consoles, had sooo much fun with the Vegas games on 360.

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@tennmuerti: Nice write up. The combat stuff sounds really interesting. Its on my Steam wishlist, I think I will give them a few months to iron out some of the issues then pick it up.

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@ruken: What do you think of the game?

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Seems pretty interesting, they are still doing 10% off, appears to be selling pretty well. I liked Endless Space, this seems kinda like that but real time.

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First FPS game on the vita! Always kinda enjoyed the Resistance games. Will probably get it on day one unless it gets slammed (like below 60%)

Has anybody heard anything about it?

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No Gran Turismo :(

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love X3:TC picked up the add on for £2.50, but dont have a PC to play it on at the moment :(

I suck at games but use the Cycrow Cheat mod to help me out in the game, makes it a lot easier.

http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=216691 looks like they have added compatibility with the new expansion as well.

Be warned though, if you use this mod or other "Unsigned mods" you won't get steam achievements

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As soon as Skyrim is announced for this I am getting one! I was pretty gutted when Oblivion didn't come out for the PSP (there was a Travel edition that was cancelled)

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Hey I am looking for some OnLive Friends (currently only have one friend and that is my US account :( ) I have the play pack subscription.

my ID is dantaduk

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@owl_of_minerva So a bit like a fighting game? Perhaps button mashing isn't such a bad idea then :P thanks for explaining it!
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