Top 10 Adventure Games

My favorite adventure games, though I only chose one from each franchise. Otherwise it would be a lot of Monkey Island and Quest for Glory and not much else.

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Posted by JackiJinx

I've played a little under half of the titles listed here, but I can agree with most of the ones I've played except one: King's Quest VI. It is of my opinion that the game, akin to most of the series, was incredibly arbitrary with what items were needed where, and at one point, the manual was needed to complete that long staircase to the top of that moutain. I must admit that I liked the story that was strung along the entire series, but all the same, if I could go back in time, I'd have stopped myself from playing it.

Posted by snide

Great list. Did you try out Indigo Prophecy? My guess is you'd really enjoy that one.

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There are many well recieved titles here, though you should try out the longest Journey if you haven't played it yet, classic, I need to get around to playing more adventure games, tbh I get lost too easily in adventure games which makes me stop playing them for a while..... thankfully gamefaqs is there to help me out.