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@artelinarose: I guess that's my overall point. I don't mind seeing the twist coming as long as it's crafted expertly. I will say I didn't see it coming because I didn't really look that hard into it. I was enjoying the ride, and when it comes to games that's really the point to me.

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@video_game_king: You're right, however my point was to say there is no flaw. The narrative doesn't break any of the rules of the world that it's set in. And honestly if you expect me to believe that anyone saw the ending of the game, and I'm not talking about pieces of it but the entire resolution of the story, playing out like it did then I want to play their game because they are a far better story teller than I or countless others could ever hope to be.

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@missacre: Ah so you knew the ending within the first 5 minutes eh? Impressive, I can't wait to see how your game trumps it.

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Insert pithy comment about not remembering the game: Isn't that the game where there was a racist sky city? Check

Dismiss it as being overrated ignoring any fun you had playing: Yeah it was okay, though everyone was jizzing themselves calling it the best game ever, but I didn't see it. Check

Talk about it in comparison to another game: I just feel that it lost something that the first Bioshock had. Check

Deride the narrative: I just wish they'd focused more on the game play and less on the story then it would have been excellent. Check

Internet meme: Would you kindly?

Yes I do remember Bioshock Infinite and fondly at that, It's still one of my games of the year, and I'm still moved and impressed every time I play it because of the brilliant use of narrative and the game play. For a game that's not even a year old I kind of think this post is a slap in the face to everyone who devoted years of their lives to make it.

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@sploder: Seeing as FEZ II doesn't exist my fixing of games to game stands. Yeah we can talk about it because it exists in our imaginations where it's the most revolutionary amazing game ever. Point is he's made one game.

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@sanity: When you said your dumb things was it to the world wide web, and in a position of video game celebrity? If not I suspect your experience was not the same as his.

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@sploder said:

Fish gets too much shit. It'd be nice if people paid attention to his "game" instead of him for a change.

There fixed that for you since he's only released one game.

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@jonnyboy: Let me throw a hypothetical at you let's say Phil really liked kicking puppies in his free time? Should we just ignore it because he made a great game, are you saying that as long as the art is great why should we care what kind of person making it?

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@joeyravn: Yep famous people should never be held accountable for the things they say in a public forum because they're potentially unstable.