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if you have the balls yes

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xplay fuckers dont know shit, Nintendo is trying to do something new they can only do the same shit over and over again its not madden they cant just make the same game again they are trying to humanize her and add more of a story for more games down the line

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dude i have passed the game and all i can say is yes its a buy if you are a metroid fan you will love this one its a mix of classic and new game play, the only peace of advice i have is that when entering first person view stay far way from the enemy they will piss you off if you keep geting killed at that view 

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@zombie2011 said:
" @Dantekiller: Don't do it.  I'm a really fit guy and i did it for a while to change things up, but stopped because i saw no gains or anything after the first cycle. I went back to the gym 5 days a week like i normally do and i couldn't be happier.   You also said you were on the heavier side which would be a problem for you seeing you need a full range of motion to do P90x and you also have to be able to do chin/pull ups, and plenty of push ups. "
hmmmmmmmm im confused you know what im just going to ask my cousin to send me a copy ill try it out if i like what it offers ill get it for my self
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all i have to say is to each there own i for example have a modded wii and games but the game i have i own, like Metroid Other M  
im playing it ahead of time but i already paid for the one at the store just waiting for release 

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@momosauky1 said:
" tomorrows nobodies: the power to make anyone orgasm with me just touching them "
its called sex its not a power its a ability lol good times
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@fentonalpha said:
" I'd save my money for some English classes if i were you. "
nice to see the haters coming out 
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@GnaTSoL: seem like this program will kick the shit out of any body lol
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Read my review