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Cool welcome to the Club not alot of gamers have HD tvs and its sad they are missing alot of action in the game and detail

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many people have done this its not new but hard to do 

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@RE_Player92: cool so its all just sticking to it and not given up but thats the hardest part lol thxs
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@Bevinsky said:
" I really hate how prejudiced people are towards 4chan. If you look past /b/ and the trolls, it is an interesting and ever-changing community with lots to offer. There's currently a request-draw thread on /a/, the anime board, and the content coming out of there is mindblowing.  Just saying, it isn't as awful as you think it is.  In before "i went there and saw a butt, never going back again" "
I'm not saying its all bad i just dont plan on getting advice from 4chan giant bomb is my peoples and they seem to care more than random crazy people just posting pics of ass and tits sorry
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dark cloud

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@Symphony: you said it all
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@Brendan: thxs dude i quess my mind is set it would be nice if the giant bomb guys did a p90x endurance run lol 
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@LiquidPrince said:
" I've done, and do P90x. If you\re serious, it'll work exactly as advertised, but its really fucking difficult. Like it will demolish you, especially the first couple of weeks. "  
you know what im going to do it i have the time and its better than going to the gym and have people look at you 
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@Three0neFive said:
" @JJWeatherman said:
" @Three0neFive said:
" @Dantekiller said:

" Ok im a big dude not that big but i really do not like what the hell i have done with myself lol and i saw the infomercial dose it work if i get it ill put all i have into it so was any one done it or recommend it  "

/fit/ is your friend "
Holy lord, no it isn't. Nobody go there!  :P "
Say what you will about 4chan, but /fit/ is a legitimately good resource if you're looking whip your ass back into shape. "
4chan if full of crasy shit im not that desperate