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Taiwan has some superb music.

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Its just a push and pullback. There are people talking about P.T like its Second Coming of Christ in horror genere. Its not. Its done pretty well and all. I guess some people see talking about its like its greatest thing ever and they need to say opposite for the balance.

It did not scare me and I believe Silent Hill does not need monster suddenly popping out and running towards you. First time we were seeing Pyramid Head in Sh2 he was just standing behind bars and staring at us. Thats the thing that made Sh different from Resident Evil and all other games.

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It looks like an alpha and glitches a bit but when I started playing I was hooked and felt its good old UT. Now I'm sure I will check out the future release or maybe even beta.

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Looks like the early build is available online. around 750mb download lest you play online and test the game. I have to say I enjoyed the hour I have spent with it.

This is crappy video I have made on my laptop with OBS. As for the game was put on torrent or something more info on Gaf thread http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=873323

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Ok so soon GameSpot will be just a site holding links to Giant Bomb Quick Looks.

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If you feel you need it then just get it. I'm in similar financial situation to yours (saving money) and I feel no need of getting it since there are no games for me and nothing I'm interested is coming out any time soon.

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@blzzzrrttt: Hi

If you still have PixelJunk Shooter I would like to try it out

my steam is http://steamcommunity.com/id/danteveli/ or I can add you if you wish

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Now it looks like GameSpot will be just a place to host all their Twitch stuff or something. I'm pretty bummed about it since I have enjoyed most of the content. Hope fired people will find better jobs soon.

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I have no fun playing 4 and 5. GTA V feels like real chore and I remember loving spending time with the older ones.