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It looked like no new stuff about Silent Hills is coming out of TGS.

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I have to go with Dead Space 1 because I enjoyed it the most. The story was intriguing and the gameplay superb. It also was the scariest one. I liked that it had the something new factor and they tried something interesting with the narrative.

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HellNight on PSX

Its a kinda survival horror game from Konami. You discover underground society under the Tokyo subway and mutating monster is chasing you. You can only run and hide plus you can find partners like little schoolgirl.

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It may be just me but getting the HD HD port now makes the HDHDHD port coming out in like 5 years when we will wait for the next get a bit strange.

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Hard to imagine people not using the black version of the site. Its like the classic and you cannot go wrong with it.

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Humble Indie Bundle 12 looks like something you may want to buy

Humble Bundle people did it again with HIB12

- Steamworld Dig (Steam + DRM-free)

- Hammerwatch (Steam + DRM-free)

- Gunpoint (Steam + DRM-free)


- Papers, Please (Steam + DRM-free)

- Luftrausers (Steam + DRM-free)

- Gone Home (Steam + DRM-free)


- Prison Architect (Steam + DRM-free)

We have couple games that were the talk during GOTY deliberations and overall it looks really interesting.

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Batmobile Edition (£169.99/$199.99 – Consoles Only):

Really? They are taking a pre-order for a title coming out in almost a year?

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I currently live in Korea and Jajangmyeon is just epic and I love it. Tteokbokki is pretty dope too.

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Ps3 the way its meant to be played!

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@mcfart said:

@danteveli said:

The not being worried talk reminds me about the appeasement. Talk about it not being your problem until Putin is at your doorstep with Kalashnikov.

He doesn't stand a chance against first world countries. Russia's basically like North Korea, but bigger. Just laugh at their shenannigans and move on.


Maybe you have forgotten but Russia wasn't like host of last Olympics??? Don't think North Korea ever held such an event. Plus Europe is dependent on the Russian gas. Oh and by the way I think its in like Council of United Nations.

Saying Russia is like North Korea is just super silly.