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People are quick to jump to 'doom and gloom' but if this didn't happen, we may not have seen another Star Wars game come out ever.

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That works too! I would at least like the option.

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Anyone else agree? I feel it can cause an unfair advantage. Especially on Hall of Justice with that little robot. I know that these attacks are avoidable but I don't think they suit the idea of a 'ranked' match.

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@russcat: I hear ya man! Hopefully they can start redeeming themselves in the next gen with Dragon Age 3...

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@defaultprophet: maybe that has more to do with that they weren't hosting their own site when that review was out.

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Am I the only one that want them to bring back PS1 grey for the console?

If they could get the same kind of plastic too... that would be a really cool throwback for me lol

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I feel that playing multiplayer will be free as always, but to make use of the streaming/ sharing functionality and maybe even the background downloads will be put behind the pay wall of Playstation Plus. Sound reasonable to you?

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I think it's actually not too bad. It's definitely a lot more competent than my original expectations were.

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@thabigred: it's like they didn't bother to texture half the game and passed it as 'art'

To be fair I bet a lot more work went into making it get to the current state that either of use are giving it credit. Even with the knowledge of that I have a threshold, and it's not meeting those standards.

True enough. Still, for what it is, they ask for far too much money.