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Did someone noticed that the Dark seems tied to Womens ?

The Mage outfits, black and white, are each designed to be worn by women mages and men mages... black, being the female robe.

Nashandra, a shard of Manus, is a woman.

Elena, another shard of Manus, is another woman.

Gwyndolin, of the Dark Sun, is the leader of the Darkmoon covenent and was raised as female.

In many cultures, the Moon is a symbol of women. The Yin, black half of the Yin/Yang circle, represent the female half of humanity.

On the opposite end, we have the white mage robe, worn by male mages.

Gwynn, Lord of Sunlight.

Vendrick, King of Drangleic, have a golden throne in his castle.

Of course, this could be only minor lore, but it could be important.

Hmm, I don't know, maybe it's some form of clue as to the true nature of the leaders of the kingdom? They are the robes of Drangleic mages specifically, perhaps representing the king (white robes for the king who would light the flame) and the queen (black robes that represent the queen's dark nature).

As for Gwyndolin, yes he was raised as a woman but he is allied with Frampt in a way due to him creating the illusion of sunlight and of his sister to fool the undead in to thinking that relighting the flame and continuing the age of fire is the correct course of action. His army of Darkmoon Blades hunt down those who would break this illusion and his plans.

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@golguin: man I sure hope we hear more about Shanalotte, so many unanswered questions with her!

The next episode is towards the end of this month right? I seriously can't wait for it :(

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So, Vaati made another awesome video on the lore of the DLC


I kind of hope that all the stories of all three of the DLC isn't just 'king brought down by his power hungry queen' though. Still holding out for a fight against a resurrected Manus to round off the series though.

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@mcwingstar: Took a couple of hours, but I beat the two main bosses. Grave of the Dead? Do you mean the Grave of Saints that you drop down into from Majula? Anyway...

Given what Vendrick says when you visit his memory after completing the first DLC, it seems the Crowns pre-date his rule, meaning squid lady Elana predates Nashandra (or maybe they're one and the same and Manus lady just gets reborn each time?). I'm more interested as to why Benhart is available for that fight, along with the comment of "you don't deserve the mire" when you enter the arena. also, wtf is with the stone mural?

The Vorgh [sp] ring you pick up in the arena and spear you make from the soul offer some insight into Sinh and Vorgh, although it's not clear what significance either of them have yet so far.

As to a wild/dumb theory, Matt Lees recently reiterated the position in his vid of another DS2 critic that Dark Souls 2 overall is a bizarre meta-commentary on the fleeting nature of sequels, a theory which explains why the game has a various amount of middling aspects to it when held up against its predecessors. If this is the case (it likely isn't), then it's both a stupidly smart and self-aware thing to do, and at the same time incredibly damning. In other words, they knew they couldn't make a game that could live up to the expectations, so they intentionally screwed it up in places, backing the idea up with the vague lines about "desire" and "want" and degenerative "cycles", and the player directly being addressed as the one to "break" said cycle. Except you're not breaking the cycle at all, because you bought the damn game and are playing it, meaning both the production cycle and any subsequent's game's quality will continue to spiral downwards.


To be fair Benhart pokes his head into a lot of weird places, including, y'know, the past. I think the story of Shulva is pretty self contained so I was pretty happy that all the answers regarding itself. It doesn't provide much in the way of answers for the main game's lore. The Dragon Mural making another appearance again makes a lot connections but even more questions. If Shulva is underneath Black Gulch then I guess it's not to much to wonder they heard of the Dragon Shrine but worshiping dragons or not, it's a little overboard to make a mural way bigger then the source... unless Shulva was the idea for the Dragon Shrine's. Grrr, too many questions.

Well isn't the DLC supposed to all link to Vendrick? Maybe this is one of the first places they came across and was where his and Aldia's fascination of dragons originated?

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A video of interest from a Reddit thread (Sunken Crown Spoilers)

okay so this is ALL the dialogue that Vendrick says to you, including everything he'll say after all the other DLCs are done too. So, if you don't want that spoiled for you, then feel free to ignore the vid and enjoy what you find on your own :)


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@patrickklepek typo in paragraph after the Kinect hack videos 'developers who wanted o try'

great article though, as usual :)

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@nicked: I think that's just a subtle gameplay hint: when those statues come to life later you notice they have heads where as the ones that don't come to life are decapitated, so you can figure out from there that attacking the statues before they come to life = instant death

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@rocketboot: also, by 'false pretenses' i mean that he was brought to the prison with a different identity, that of a woman. And as we discussed about the 'dragons' mentioned in text mostly not really being dragons, the same kind of rule could apply here.

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@rocketboot: so what you're suggesting is maybe The Lost Sinner (if indeed it is actually Aldia) could have been brought to the Bastille under false pretenses? The clothes mention a terrible sin, Vendrick didn't exactly approve of his brother's actions. Perhaps Aldia was whisked away one day (disappearing without a trace) by Vendrick's men, bound up, tongue cut out so he couldn't speak (TLS doesn't exactly say much), and forced to wear the Penal Mask to cover up his identity. Also, TLS's weapon of choice? A pretty long sword, wielded with skill even with bound hands, which is a similar kind of weapon wielded by the statues you connected.

If this is true, it's fucked up... and I like it ;)

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I feel there needs to be some rules as to when a -bro suffix is appropriate. The covenant should consist of actual bros, or behave as actual bros. I, arbiter of all things Dark Souls, deem the following covenants eligible for bro status.

Heirs of the Sun - OG bros, who engage in jolly cooperation - Sunbros

Brotherhood of Blood - These guys aren't bros, but it's already in the name. Don't fight it - Bloodbros

Blue Sentinels - They may be The Fuzz, but they still got your back, bro - Bluebros

Way of Blue - Some people just need looking after - Littlebros

The following covenants are NOT eligible for officially sanctioned bro status.

Company of Champions - a covenant that deactivates cooperative bro activity? Denied.

Pilgrims of Dark - these guys just wander around by themselves in the dark. Denied.

Rat King Covenant - These guys are dicks. Ain't looking out. Denied.

Bell Keepers - Same. Denied

Dragon Remnants - Dueling is respectable, but you're still rivals, not bros. Denied.

There's your official list. If you don't follow it, I'll have you banned from the game. Yeah, I can.

I fully back this rule set