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@patrickklepek typo in paragraph after the Kinect hack videos 'developers who wanted o try'

great article though, as usual :)

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@nicked: I think that's just a subtle gameplay hint: when those statues come to life later you notice they have heads where as the ones that don't come to life are decapitated, so you can figure out from there that attacking the statues before they come to life = instant death

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@rocketboot: also, by 'false pretenses' i mean that he was brought to the prison with a different identity, that of a woman. And as we discussed about the 'dragons' mentioned in text mostly not really being dragons, the same kind of rule could apply here.

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@rocketboot: so what you're suggesting is maybe The Lost Sinner (if indeed it is actually Aldia) could have been brought to the Bastille under false pretenses? The clothes mention a terrible sin, Vendrick didn't exactly approve of his brother's actions. Perhaps Aldia was whisked away one day (disappearing without a trace) by Vendrick's men, bound up, tongue cut out so he couldn't speak (TLS doesn't exactly say much), and forced to wear the Penal Mask to cover up his identity. Also, TLS's weapon of choice? A pretty long sword, wielded with skill even with bound hands, which is a similar kind of weapon wielded by the statues you connected.

If this is true, it's fucked up... and I like it ;)

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I feel there needs to be some rules as to when a -bro suffix is appropriate. The covenant should consist of actual bros, or behave as actual bros. I, arbiter of all things Dark Souls, deem the following covenants eligible for bro status.

Heirs of the Sun - OG bros, who engage in jolly cooperation - Sunbros

Brotherhood of Blood - These guys aren't bros, but it's already in the name. Don't fight it - Bloodbros

Blue Sentinels - They may be The Fuzz, but they still got your back, bro - Bluebros

Way of Blue - Some people just need looking after - Littlebros

The following covenants are NOT eligible for officially sanctioned bro status.

Company of Champions - a covenant that deactivates cooperative bro activity? Denied.

Pilgrims of Dark - these guys just wander around by themselves in the dark. Denied.

Rat King Covenant - These guys are dicks. Ain't looking out. Denied.

Bell Keepers - Same. Denied

Dragon Remnants - Dueling is respectable, but you're still rivals, not bros. Denied.

There's your official list. If you don't follow it, I'll have you banned from the game. Yeah, I can.

I fully back this rule set

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Why are the rats located in the grave of the saint anyway? I'm going to assume that 'saint' is Saint Seretta, who would be the skeleton hanging in the coffin after the Rat King?

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@sagebirt: I'm pretty sure it looks the same all around tbh. The only differences I can think of are maybe resolution differences between 360/ PS3 versions and everything else

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Okay I reloaded the area and it's working properly again now. That was really weird...

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So I got to the point in the game when you get to the bottom of the well, and all the monsters here are affected by the light from Igniculus in the field (to stop their movement to get a surprise attack) but while in battle, Igniculus' light does not slow down the enemy's speed on the action bar. He still can heal my party members though. So, is this intentional or have I come across a bug here?

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I just wanna know how you go down from the Tower of Flame into No-man's Wharf.

Magic! :P