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@gamingsince81: yeah I've noticed that about the Pursuer boss fight arena too :) pretty cool!

As for the flames on the map, I'm not sure of their lore significance, I thought maybe it was just a clever way of being able to track your progress as I think the flames appear as you beat bosses rather than light bonfires (the first one I noticed after beating The Last Giant) but maybe it links in to the great souls spread across the land? As they only appear after defeating major bosses.

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It seems almost every Drake and Wyrm are referred to as 'dragons' which to me makes it seem that people have forgotten what a true dragon really is due to them existing only in legends. The wyrms that the 'Dragonriders' ride on in that art are a far cry from what dragons really look like for example.

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@Myrmicus yeah that's true. I suppose she acts as this game's Frampt but without so much of the deceit, or sleepiness :P

@rocketboot I think it's equally possible that he either is or isn't the Ancient Dragon, I think he either became part of it, or he was killed by it. I really don't see him being any of the other dragons in the Aerie or the random dragon soldiers (those guys must be worshipers of the dragon or something, they wear the same armour you get from the dragon covenant items). The invasion could be possible though, don't know if there's any evidence for that though? The Navlaan theory seems way more of a stretch though haha

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@bambamcz: ah cool, at least it seems I'm not so crazy after all! :P

Okay one other thing I'm concerned about (me and my friend can't figure it out really), and again I may have missed you lot talk about it already, but why does the Emerald Herald want you to be the next monarch? Why just some random undead who wandered in to Drangleic?

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Okay I just thought of this while reading through the comments (I got halfway down page 3, so if this has been suggested already forgive me, there's a lot to read here!!).

Maybe this is crazy, and I don't have too much proof of it but, what if the Ancient Dragon is Aldia? He was trying to recreate dragons, and he disappeared while trying to create one. Maybe he became obsessed with becoming a dragon like Loghain did in DkS1, but he was successful in his experiments with the soul of a giant? Could explain his disappearance? Or maybe he was just sacrificed in order to make the dragon and is now just dead somewhere.

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@oldirtybearon said:

@oni: Is he optional? I'm pretty sure you need the Soldier's Key to access the second leg of FoFG. In that second leg is of course the Pursuer as well as the King's door that leads to the Giant Lord memory.

Here's a question though; why do the giants have faces like puckered buttholes?

Dirty is correct, you do require the soldiers key to beat the game. However you don't have to have it early in the game at all, you don't actually "need" it until you have the power to access giant memories. The only 100% optional bosses in this game are the Smelter Demon, the Belfry Gargoyles, Old Dragonslayer, Royal Rat Vanguard, and Royal Rat Authority. Of course it is also possible to skip Dragonrider and Flexile Sentry but only if you do kill Pursuer. It is possible to skip the Ruin Sentinels but only if you get to the Bastille via the Wharf + REALLY know the level and have a spare Pharros Lockstone. If you skip via Pursuer and don't go through the Wharf it is impossible to skip the Ruin Sentinels. So depending on your route through the early game you will have to kill 2 out of 4 of those guys every time, possibly 3 of 4 if you don't have a Lockstone. So no matter how you slice it they aren't "100%" optional.

Nope, you NEED to get past the Dragonrider to talk to Miracle Chick (I forget her name), how else are you supposed to get to Huntsman's Copse? You need the key off her or get her to move the rotating door for you to get through the game.

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People are quick to jump to 'doom and gloom' but if this didn't happen, we may not have seen another Star Wars game come out ever.

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That works too! I would at least like the option.