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Never thought i'd come out of this e3 wanting a wiiU so bad, they sure have mastered how to make nostalgia arise. Maybe its just because Killzone has never done anything for me, but nothing really sticks out (at least for me) in the PS4 line-up. New Order seems cool but if its another 4 player co-op 3rd person shooter with its only personality coming from setting I dont know if its grab me. What is exciting you guys in the PS4 line-up?

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FUCK THIS SHIT. Stop trolling for that piece of shit game on every gaming forum. I wouldn't be so mad but first the LoL forums and now Giantbomb, seriously just play LoL and stop acting like you are more hardcore for playin HoN.

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Ya its really dumb. I doubt North Korea will still exist in 2026. There bound to fuck up some time in the next 16 years and then will be subsequently wiped clean. If Koreans were muslim then America would've already invaded, but our government is still worried about fighting its holy war against the middle east.

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UCSB Physics, 120,000.

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@ChristianCastillo: UC's are on the quarter system.
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This blows. I bought the game about a year after launch for like 30 dollars and really loved the game mechanics when they were executed. The combat was terrible, but I loved the art aesthetics and music. It had some great ideas and I wish they were making another one.

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Live in the dorm. Ive met some awesome people my freshman year, and 7 of them and I are living together in a house with one another next year. Living in a dorm is a must freshman year.

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Oh Spike Lee, you can be soo intelligent and incite great discourse one moment and then say something like this a few seconds later. The NRA is fucking retarded though (just my opinion).

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I didn't find the gameplay fun, but the open-world stuff was good and the game was fun as hell. Personally I think Halo Reach is the most underrated game of the year as it isn't even being discussed for game of the year at most sites, and is losing to Black Ops for best FPS everywhere (which is ridiculous by the way). Its not my game of the year, its fourth for me behind ME2, RDR, and AC:B, but its a great game with no real flaws. It deserved higher scores than it got. 

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Alan Wake was a great game. It was tense every moment and I never knew what was around the corner. Loved every minute of it. Its deserves some awards as it is the most overlooked game of the year.