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@EndSarcasm: I still don't understand the appeal of Heavy Rain. I tried to like it, I really did, but for some reason it didn't catch me. Not to mention that it was a game based solely on story, where the story had many holes. 
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The achievements for Borderlands Claptraps' New Robot Revolution are an abortion. I have spent 4 hours farming claptraps at the end of the dlc by the MINAC and still dont have the required Pizza's. Has anyone else had to deal with this? Does anyone know where the fuck I can find some pizza?

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Halo Reach is the best console fps ever made. CoD 4 comes close, but Reach just has everything. I just wish I had more time to play it, luckily I have three weeks of break before next semester, so I plan on sinking a bunch of time into it. The call of duty formula seems more stale to me, this is the fourth straight year of the same leveling and prestige system, while Reach represents the first true leveling system in the Halo series which is addicting for me at least. PLus those daily challenges are awesome. 

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Im really only excited for InFAMOUS 2 and Uncharted 3. Killzone 3 has to be amazing for me to pick it up because 2 didn't live up to its potential. Resistance 3 looks good, but after the second game took so may wrong turns, I hope they focus on creating a good story and campaign. And I doubt that the Last Guardian comes out next year.

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I've never played half-life 2, so I know none of those. But why would you give the copy to someone who already knows the answers and owns the game, when you could instead gift that game to someone that has never played half life 2, "points to self". Jus sayin'.

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What Are You Buyin"?

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@jmrwacko: Freedom of speech is the ability to express whatever belief you have through any form of language. Stealing or obtaining government documents through shady backdoors isn't legal, or a form of free speech. 
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@MysteriousBob: lol, the reach is engine is great, name one game that runs on an engine capable of the environments that are in reach.
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I would like a code, thanks. 

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@AlexW00d: You obviously haven't played Forza 3 with all the assists off.