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@R3Qui4M: It won't be weird. But if you are like me and shy in social situations where you know nobody, then it definitely helps to have someone you know with you.
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LAST GUARDIAN. Seriously Sony, what the fuck. This was the largest omission of a game ever at an e3. I hope they show gameplay, so I can get a sense of what it will actually be.

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The Gamestop in my area usually has a pretty large showing for most big titles. Before 12 they ring you up, and then you get back in line where they hand out games starting at 12. Bring a friend (my brother usually goes with me) and you should meet some cool, like-minded people.

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I hope a few months down the road they'll do a TNT with Reach where they play customs with crazy maps and gametypes.

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Fallout 3. Was way to bland for me. It was ugly, the combat was terrible, and the main story didn't hook me. 
Bioshock 2. I haven't even played it yet and I bought it the week it came out. 
Killzone 2. It was an ok game, but I bought the PS3 to play it. It had bad controls, sub-par shooting mechanics, and a forgettable campaign (the only part I remember was the level when you get the lightning gun). The multiplayer had good ideas, but the gameplay wasn't good enough to hold it up.

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If you like fun games. Then yes. If you don't like to have fun, then no. 
But on a serious note. I haven't played the game so I can't judge the quality of the game yet. But from everything I've seen and read, it seems to be 10 years of Halo put into one box. I think it would be wise to see what everyone else has been into for this long time. You will get your money's worth. No game in history has more stuff in one box than Halo: Reach. Single PLayer, Mulitplayer (both matchmaking and customs), Firefight, Forge. That is a bunch of stuff. I guarantee that you'll find something that appeases you.
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@damnboyadvance: Those are the best. My family gets pissed whenever I sing with the commercial. haha
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@rjayb89: Maybe he is mad they don't make Gamecube games any more.
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Jeff's review had no formal critiques that would put the game below a 5. There were no negatives other than "Oh, its just another Halo" and "its not as fast paced as MW2." That is why people are disagreeing with his review. This works out well though for GB and Whisky who sure as hell got more hits on the site for giving this a 4 then they would have for giving it a 5.

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3D isn't the new thing. SOny is only pushing it so they can sell TV's and Nintendo is only sing it because they need another gimmick to sell systems.  
Best thing- Online gaming coming into its own. Started last gen, bust has thrived this gen. 
Worst Thing- Halo Reach only getting 4 out of 5 stars on Giant Bomb.  
Just Kidding, I can't think of any negatives, I just like playing games.