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I can't believe you didn't talk to him about Bat-Tech

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I absolutely loved the show last night; I can't wait for the LANGGIFS to come in!

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I was glued to the livestream last night; it was one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a long time. Ryan would have been proud at how dumb it was. Premium Lang, surprise Fish appearance, buckfast, Rami and Zoe getting good screen time, and Paul Barnett was wonderful to have on as well. I really, really enjoyed that F2P discussion. I thought it ironic that Zoe Quinn was on earlier because one of the talks she made was about how internet bullying was mostly contingent on dehumanizing the target and hearing Barnett on the other side of the F2P discussion really drove that home.

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I did a STR melee+pyromancy build the last time and had the most fun doing that. I'll probably do something similar unless they introduce a new mechanic that tickles my fancy.

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YOU DEFEATED is in the active voice, therefore it is correct.

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Well said; I got through many a down day from his super laugh.

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Not like this... not like this...

Edit: also Ryan, if you want to haunt my house any time, you feel free. But I only want dumb shit like moving chairs and flapping windows. Nothing scary like child-eating trees. Scratch that. Only child-eating trees.

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I'm so excited! This is my favorite part of the year!

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What in the good god damn. Can't you just bring the kid in to do roguelike quick looks with you? I mean congratulations and all and I'm sure you'll feel like Hardcore Dave Unchained while leaving the place, but... but... I guess I'll just go through my stages of grief now.

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