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I have never missed a person I never met more.

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Fuck, I don't think I've ever been this sad about the death of someone I never met.

Same here, and to that end, I will never forget him, rest in peace Ryan.

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@whylessness: You poop Metroids?

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, this game is not hard. Still, this is impressive.

I semi hate statements like this. This game is definitely harder then the average game. To act like it's not is pure ignorance.

I agree, but it's that whole internet hero thing.

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All JRPG's are pretty much the same.

Grinding is not fun.

The PS3 has been an absolute disaster.

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Finally got around to playing some Dawn of War 2 on my laptop and so far it's pretty awesome, a few hours in and still haven't unlocked a Dreadnought but the armour unlocks have been coming so that baby must be around the corner.

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The points you make are valid but what they made is exactly what I was waiting for, it needs that "jank" to feel like the original Deus Ex game and as such it does, even the character models (especially in pre-rendered cut scenes) have an odd look about them which is really faithfull to the original for better or worse.

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I enjoyed playing through inFamous when it first came out but there were aspects of it that were just frustrating and pissed me off, largely the cheap and lazy tactic of just flooding the screen with tons of enemies to create a challenge instead of something more diverse or better thought out.

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I think you are right about 100% of the time but sometimes.

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No. And it doesn't really matter as I love all of them

I'm a fan of them all as well but through Bombcasts and the like i've become familiar with their "areas of expertise" as it were.

Oh yeah, totally. I wasn't implying that you had a grudge against any of them or anything. Sorry if I stirred up any confusion. And a comment above made me think of one thing I can always count on, if it's russian then it's Dave and Vinny for the most part.

No offense taken my friend, it's that old deceptive quality of text working its magic. It's difficult to express 'tone' without the aid of lol, hehe and their many friends.